Wednesday, 22 February 2017

Art Shows In London, Paris, Bath and Woking

Kensington Palace

Diana: Her Fashion Story
From 24 Feb
From the frumpy sailor suits she was shoved into as a bride to the dazzling gowns she showed off in her 30s.

Musée du Louvre
Masterpieces from the Leiden Collection: The Age of Rembrandt
22 Feb to 22 May
Lots of Rembrandts, and Golden Age Dutch paintings "often seen as simultaneously ribald, colorful, charming and bourgeois".

Tate Britain
David Hockney
to 29 May
Swimming pools, sprinklers, Yorkshire woods in winter.

Whitechapel GalleryLondon
Eduardo Paolozzi, "godfather of Pop Art". You can see his mosaics for free at Tottenham Court Road tube station.
to 14 May

Royal Academy, London
Revolution: Russian Art 1917-1932
to 17 April

Fashion MuseumBath
Lace in Fashion
Four hundred years of lace. Discover lace-making techniques you never knew existed! Parchment lace?

John Minton and the Romantic Tradition
To March 9
John Minton was fine when he stuck to industry, street scenes and landscape, but unfortunately he liked to add sentimentalised figures. He gets a show of his own at Pallant House, Chichester in the summer, but here he is surrounded by some robuster New Romantics such as John Piper and Keith Vaughan.

Victoria and Albert MuseumLondon
From Eames chairs to aircraft. Or the other way round.
15 July to 12 Nov

Friday, 17 February 2017

Contradictions 4

We're living in an Alice through the Looking-Glass world.

If all news is fake, why is Trump talking to the press? If the press lies all the time, how do we know he said "All news is fake"? (Have you met my friend Epimenides?)

The people calling everyone "snowflakes" have been deeply offended by a Broadway show, a coffee shop, SNL, a Star Wars movie, and a beer ad. (‏@robdaviau)

Academics who moan about trigger-warnings and safe spaces are the whiniest of whiny babies. (@lottelydia)

"The Libtards are too sensitive!!"
(Clutches pearls at Starbucks cups.)
(Faints at booing.)
(Literally dies at "Happy Holidays".)
(Cassandra ‏@ChrisWarcraft)

"Safe spaces! Grow up and face the real world, snowflake" - People who voted to wreck the country just to avoid sharing it with foreigners. (Dean Burnett ‏@garwboy)

Some of the meanest-spirited social media pages I've ever seen are punctuated with fluffy memes and quotations about Caring. Always fascinated by those Facebook pages where screeds of racist rants are suddenly interrupted by memes of teddies & friendship. (Kate Long ‏@volewriter)

Millennials are 'obsessed with phones and hashtagging' says Piers Morgan, in one of his ninety two thousand tweets. (Jon Dryden Taylor ‏@jondrytay)

Funny, the people who berate the Archbishop for speaking out for refugees are the same people who demand we return to 'Christian values'. (@revkatebottley)

The reality is Leavers create wealth, Remainers in the main consume it. When push comes to shove Remainers are of no value to society. (Godfrey Bloom, How can you run an economy without consumers, Godfrey? If nobody consumes your goods, how are you going to “create wealth”?)

In Brownsville tampons are seen as immoral. So is using birth control. What I don’t understand is that teen pregnancy is generally accepted. (Popular: Vintage Wisdom for a Modern Geek, Maya Van Wagenen)

Complain that kids today don’t know where food comes from, or why we celebrate Easter, while recommending the Japanese/Finnish school system that doesn’t teach children to read until they are seven, or teaches nothing but “character” and “manners” for the first two years. (And moaning that children just rote-learn facts that they “regurgitate” in exams.)

Claim that print media is dead, and journalists are all fiends.

Claim that we are playthings of fate – and masters of our destiny. (There’s no such thing as freewill – and we are responsible for everything that happens to us.)

Deny free will while arresting, charging and condemning criminals.

Despise Muslims while reading Rumi.
Complain our culture is being diluted while eating a chicken tikka masala.

Expect your children to become professionals, and despise “trade”, while enjoying the benefits of a society based on buying and selling.

Rant about the nanny state
while enjoying public works like street lighting, libraries, museums, roads, sea defences...

Claim to be “uncomfortable” when you hear people speaking Arabic, but make sure your children learn French.

Claim that everybody stayed put before about 1950, but admire Christopher Columbus, Francis Drake and Captain Cook.

How can people say “be yourself” while also using the words “social pressure”?

And if nobody drank water in the Olden Days because it was polluted, how did the Broadwick Street pump cause a cholera outbreak?

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