Wednesday 5 August 2009

More Fashion Crimes

The UK’s worst crimes against fashion
(from thelondonpaper, inspired by a poll sponsored by Lakeside shopping centre).

1. Showing off a flabby midriff
2. Shellsuit tucked into socks with trainers
3. Showing G-string above the jeans
4. Socks with sandals
5. Sporting a builder's bum
6. A muffin top over low-cut jeans
7. Head-to-toe animal print
8. A mullet haircut
9. Head-to-toe Burberry check
10. Wearing black shoes with white socks

And for men...
1. Shellsuits
2. Sequinned suits
3. Platform shoes
4. Hammer pants (that's MC Hammer)
5. Speedo trunks
6. Jesus sandals
7. Hawaiian shirts
8. Novelty ties
9. Luminous socks
10. Leather trousers

All-Time Worst
1. Puffball skirts
2. Shoulder pads
3. Flannel tracksuits (do they mean towelling?)
4. Bodysuits
5. White stilettos
6. Chaps
7. Clogs
8. Culottes
9. Leggings
10. Pop socks

Here's how to avoid dressing too old.
More fashion mistakes here.

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