Thursday, 8 April 2010

Whatever Happened To...? 3

Capoeira (it was a 90s thing

(children’s clothes)


chicken Kiev

ciré (the fabric)

desert boots

hysteria about the introduction of computers into workplaces. (They were going to damage people’s health, make them work too hard, irradiate them etc etc.)

jokes about heavy water

language labs

lemon cup cakes

making cutout paper dolls in a long line holding hands

mortadella (it was a horrible kind of Italian sausage)

panic about the radiation emitted by “VDUs”

predictions that “ecommerce” would never take off

radishes cut into florets

ratafias (tiny macaroons)

search engines which told you “Just type in a question in natural language!” and then gave you 1 million unsorted results all containing the word “the”.

smell of Brut

smell of Fenjal

smell of phurnacite

sneering about television


waffle about systems being “transparent to the user”

More here, and links to the rest.

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