Friday 21 December 2012

Similes Part 2

A nuclear power station mixed with an insect

The Mayan Calendar just looks like a complicated biscuit. (@FunkButcher)

The sanctuary of Rivendell still resembles a tacky New Age spa. (New Statesman, Dec 2012)

So I discovered last night the RAC Club is brimful of cringing realist art featuring cars & chaps. Like birthday cards for dads.  (@mwhitfield80)

Looks like someone’s taken the British Museum and stuck a hearse on the back. (Rory McGrath on the Rolls)

Amazing cathedral in Liverpool – like a nuclear power station mixed with an insect. (@GeorgeVasey on Paddy’s Wigwam)

Like a bulldog chewing a wasp. (Somebody on the beautiful Angela Lansbury)

The News International complex, looking like the central air-conditioning unit for the planet. (Bill Bryson, Notes from a Small Island)

He looked proud, like a spaniel who had unexpectedly retrieved a dodo. (Margery Allingham, The Case of the Late Pig)

Sounded like two skeletons fighting on a tin roof.

By nice, my mother means the sorts of clothes that faintly resemble the staff uniforms of building society employees in the early 90s: pastel, understated floral patterns in washing machine-friendly artificial fibres. (Steerforth, The Age of Uncertainty)

Trying to use Google Translate on a Ukrainian document - the result reads like a Japanese VCR instruction manual from the 1980s.  (@ianvisits)

Similes Part 2
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