Friday 12 April 2013

More Twitter Haiku

Friend AG writes: I suspect the syllable count doesn't work as well in English as in Japanese; and its restriction distracts from the real point of haiku, which is about the content and style as well as the form.

find increase in rain
falling from Saturn's rings
@astrojenny/Jenny Winder

A grasshopper on a grass stalk
emerges from its old skin,
leaving a replica of itself behind.
Bek Hobbes/‏@Greebobek

Catford Tesco toilets,
where hope
goes to die.


I'm staring at a garden
in which the trees
look irritated.

Hamish Thompson/‏@Suburbman

Maybe I've slept through it
or wasn't paying attention –
but the snow seems to have
quietly sublimed away.

@ajbaker/Andrew Baker

Five-year plan.
Be here now.
Can’t do both.


Sleet, rain, snow, hail.
That face-contorting wind
is a little less intense.

Weatherman Alex Deakin

The saddest end-of-winter umbrellas
are up again,
broken and flapping
in the breeze.

John Grindrod/@Grindrod

Saw an albino pheasant on the way to work.
And shortly after, a ghost.


Before dusk the birds
flying overhead in arrowhead formation
fold back upon themselves
then sweep east away from the sunset.

Sam Meekings/@SMeekings

Waiting in the heel-dragging grey cold of February
to cut another tree.
Praise the lord, we've been spared
from heat exhaustion once again.

Alan McGinn/@Chainsaw_McGinn

A concept known as vacuum instability
could result, billions of years from now,
in a new universe opening up in the present one
and replacing it.


Not a joke
is how many people are in Brighton,
shivering on a pebbly beach,
eating ice cream.

Rivulets of rain jag across the window.
The sky's a grubby luminous grey.
Just remembered I've got
some mixed nuts in my bag.


Bright lines of light
that dance on the bottom of a swimming pool
are being harnessed
to change the world.

New Scientist 2013

Fading light. Bracing air.
Naked trees. Catskills.
Where are those birds going?
Jeff Chu

Birds swimming on partly frozen lake,
and standing on the ice.
Dogs in coats.

John Grindrod

Auld Reekie to King's X.
Blue skies.
Snow, sun, and sea: a Lighthouse.

Solar energy
bathing Torness powerstation
with a golden glow.

Leaden skies past Berwick.
White horses on the water.
“The cafe bar will close in 10 minutes:
teas, coffee... sandwiches”

Off-white against white against grey.
Mist. Black fencing and distant trees for texture.
Steve Reich
Different Trains for company.
Dallas Campbell

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