Friday 14 February 2014

Whatever Happened To...? 29

Whatever Happened To...? is now a mini e-book with extra sections on Why Won't They Go Away and Can We Now Say How Ghastly They Were?

They Were Ghastly
any film or play of the 50s or early 60s involving people in appealingly cute clown make-up
Archigram (Whimsical futurological “architects” who wanted us to live in giant Meccano mushrooms on wheels.)
poetic radio drama
ponderous British sculptor Henry Moore

Go Away - Now!

actors shouting
blonde streaks on everybody
mixed hospital wards
orange fake tan

What Happened To...?
wondering if there was a better programme “on the other side”
powder compacts
nouvelle cuisine

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  1. I always wonder what happened to the Paperless Office, surely it was meant to be in place by now?