Saturday 1 March 2014

Tautology 6

Extinct? I'm devastated!

“Curated” is bad enough, but “carefully curated”? What, as opposed to “haphazardly curated”? (Clare Lynch/‏@goodcopybadcopy)

from the very bottom of the Amazon river (Amazon Abyss)
In the space of just a split second. (Unseen Universe)
Nuns stroll slowly through the market.

A devastating fire ripped through the East Wing. (Countryfile Jan 2014)
The Dodo had undergone a devastating extinction.
The Irish elk suffered a catastrophic extinction.

We must redouble our efforts…
Make the return journey back to the mainland
It was in conditions like this that life on earth first started.

She nodded her head.
30 died in a deadly flu epidemic.
at risk of a sudden catastrophic disaster (Prof Iain Stewart)

Teams of trained marksmen will be culling the badgers. ( BBC World Service)
Innocent civilians were bombed.
celebrating the momentous milestone

With the threat of war looming (War loomed.)
Portland Building Faces Demolition Threat (It faces demolition.)
Trenton faces a potential flood threat. (It faces a potential flood.)

This is only the tip of a large and ugly iceberg. (Times 2013-11-23)
He tried to pour oil on the deeply troubled waters.
absolute equality between the sexes
BBC’s The Story of the Jews is "enormously epic". (Simon Schama)
‏Appeal to tackle horrendous slaughter of elephants in Africa (Rory Bremner)
The play… sank under the ponderous weight of its pretensions. (John Lahr)

future plans
abiding preoccupation
past history
end result
interminably long
rain down
advance forward
retreat backwards
reverse back

vast mansions
finally finishing your journey
calculated snub
rose up
through the ranks
restored back to its former glory
added bonus
random chance
blind chance

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