Wednesday 2 April 2014

Twitter Haiku 7

The quick rustle
of a common lizard
on the bank of broken bracken.
Chris Packham

Thick clots of wood ants
massing on their drying nests
littered with the cigarette poo
of green woodpeckers.
Chris Packham

Under a willow in east London,
in the glow of flickering bike lights,
listening to tales of green belts and modern living.
Daisy Froud

Have just done manly things with the car,
involving oil, and screenwash,
and a conversation with another man about a tyre.

sadden me.
Andrew Lightheart

Solar System
Milky Way Galaxy
Local Group
Virgo Supercluster
Observable Universe
This is our address...
for now.

Another installment
of existentialist political nature poetry,
today inspired by the spectacular sunrise
from which I take inspiration:

The sun as it rises
Is a spectacular red ball of flame
Like a Florida orange
Organic, non-GMO
Sweet yet tart
Bite into it
After it's peeled
And you can taste it
But don't look too closely
Or you could get
Blinded by the light
As did I.
Seth Rogovoy
(copyright 2014; Thou Shalt Not Steal productions)

Umbrella flap
like pterosaur wing.
Sumit Paul-Choudhury

Because your web page
kept auto-refreshing
I closed the tab without
reading it. Goodbye.
Steven Poole

Bubble-gum, tom cats,
Steak and kidney pudding.
The scents of spring.

Looked up from my window
and there was a heron
flying over the centre of town,
low and very slowly,
against the wind.
Andrew Brown

Sometimes I awake in a Jury's Inn
and have no idea what city I'm in...
Tom Rogers ‏@tomrogersdesign

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