Wednesday 7 May 2014

Mixed Metaphors 12

It is not as if we are dinosaurs, sticking our head in the sand. (David Linnette, Conservative chairman of Richmond Borough Council's planning committee)

The line between inappropriate and illegal behaviour can be a grey one. (Guardian 2012)

Female engineers can face tough hurdles (New Scientist - high hurdles)

Servants were expected to pin their colours to their employers’ masts, but they usually kept a foot in both camps. (Alison Light, Mrs Woolf and the Servants You nail your colours - your country’s flag - to your mast so that nobody can lower them until you defeat the enemy.)

The model ship is sailing off to pastures new. (Lorne Spicer)

New worm species unearthed off Rockall. (Guardian Dec 2013 Story reveals it was found in deep waters.)

Wrapping current tech and business models in aspic is no way to encourage future innovation.

When it came to initiative, the secretary walked a narrow tightrope. (Most tightropes are.)

Yet again, the government is wringing its hands while the waters rise, while squeezing the life out of the bodies they have made responsible for tackling flooding. (Charles Tucker, chair of the national Flood Forum, Jan 2014)

It marks a new chapter for Tate but is also a great springboard from which other things will grow. (Nicholas Serota Jan 2014)

[Union changes] will breathe fresh light into the Labour Party. (Harriet Harman, Marr Show Jan 2014)

‏Ideas become a kitchen-sink soup with everything chucked into the pot with little regard for structure or purpose. ( You throw everything but the kitchen sink into the mix.)

The Chinese fur bubble has only this season started to burst.  “It was obvious that the whole fur market was in the middle of a bubble, and that the bubble would either increase or explode," (says a Danish fur trader). (Guardian 2014 A fur bubble? And bubbles don’t burst gradually. They either expand or pop.)

Jewish apocalypticism sets a ripe stage for the community at Qumran and early Christian thought. (Justin Schieber ofRD ‏@Justinsweh)

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