Wednesday 11 March 2015

Inspirational Quotes 72

In the 70s, we abolished marriage. We were feminists and we sorted everything.

I committed the terrible crime of being female and out in public on my own. (#everydaysexism Times, November 1, 2014)

The actress involved has now received the rape threats that are the inevitable consequence of the statutory negligence of being female and doing something. (Hannah Betts, Times, Nov 1 14)

But what you can do is say, ‘OK, I’m very scared, but I have to do this and this and this.’ By focusing on the actions – moving my hand to grab this branch – I could go beyond the fear. (Ingrid Betancourt)

“A few months into her captivity, [Ingrid Betancourt] realised that it was this that posed the greatest risk to her survival. Stripped of family, friends, status, she had to consider how she was to avoid going mad. What, she asked, is the essence of a human being when everything that defines her humanity has been taken?”

Anneli - a worshipping teenager with huge blue eyes and exalted ideas about God, the Universe and Love. (A Wreath for the Bride, Maria Lang)

Research that shows that marriage makes you happier and helps you live longer. (Tanya Byron in the Times Oct 2014)

[Interviewee] says there is a general feeling that university is "where you have to make lasting friendships, have nights of awesome parties and find the person you want to spend the rest of your life with." (BBC Online)

It's only "banter" if both sides participate. Otherwise it's basically just insulting/patronising someone and then demanding they laugh. (@lucyfishwife )

I save my best 'puppy dog eyes' for when I queue up behind someone who has £200 worth of shopping and I'm holding just a carrot. (@cluedont)

You sound like the sort of person things just happen to. (BBC Breakfast)

I don't think people on top understand how much everyone else fights for change and how much change we have brought. (@AmyDentata)

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