Sunday 12 July 2015

The Demon Drink III

Couldn't we make alcohol as invisible as tobacco? We might save the NHS billions. For starters, we could stop this kind of thing:

You weren’t drunk when you bought it? (a wine bottle)
David Harper: No, but I think I need to go and have a drink now!

(Bargain Hunt)

That one’s going that way, and that one’s going that way.
I haven’t had a drink, but I think you’re right!

(Flog It!)

The best part of the hiking is that we always finish at the pub. (Bargain Hunt)

Enjoy the summer with your love one and maybe a glass or two while relaxing in this new design hardwood love chair. (Ad from Groundlevel)

Have a few friends round for cocktails, get sloshed... (property programme)

Are you a wine drinker, sir?
I wouldn’t say no to a glass of red.
Anything to do with wine is quite popular, particularly with me.
(antiques programme)

Plenty of red wine for Rob. (Home Away From Home)

Paul Martin to older lady: What’s your favourite tipple?
Lady: Champagne!
Will Axon: Buck’s Fizz for breakfast.
Paul Martin: You know, it does nothing for me, champagne.
(Flog It!)

After three days I could murder an amphora of wine, meself.
(Tony Robinson on Time Team)

Are you a bit of a drinker, Flo?
I like a drink, yes.
What’s your favourite tipple?
Not Guinness!
I reckon you packed these, Flo, after your three halves of cider!
(Flog It! She’s selling some rather bashed Guinness promo figures.)

You can call Alcoholics Anonymous on 0800 9177650, or email them at

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