Saturday 10 October 2015

Euphemisms about Alcohol (in Quotes)

Here’s some straight talking about alcohol:
Their reckless bravado, bad judgment, sly conceit, aggression, dishonesty, viciousness all came from the bottle. They lurched into spying with all the character flaws of lifelong dipsos. (Richard Davenport-Hines in the Times on Guy Burgess and Kim Philby, September 2015)

And here are some euphemisms:
The antics of the Who’s Keith Moon have amused generations. (The Guardian, June 28 2006 We are not amused.)

His views on life were always a source of rich discussion. (Obit speak on Donovan Winter, alcoholic film director)

Supermodel Kate Moss was reportedly escorted off an easyJet flight from Turkey to London for “being disruptive”.

I always wonder what “fast-paced lives” are. Here’s a clue: “They say when you get older your Saturdays become slower paced.” (You don’t go out and get drunk.)

It’s troubling to read about Winehouse’s high jinks in recent months. Despite her enormous gifts, she has inner demons and struggles. (Letter to Time, Feb 2008)

Inevitably, Fergie adds: “I was not in my right place.” What she meant was, she’d been drinking. (Melanie McDonagh, The Evening Standard, 2 June 2010)

Innumerable though crime dramas are these days, it’s rare to see a true whodunit, one that deftly slots together a jigsaw of clues and motives, rather than relying on gore, car chases or “personal demons” (aka alcoholism). (The Times 2009 on whodunits and Miss Marple)

Boy George: he used to be a wild man, but now he’s a calmer chameleon. (Andrew Marr, February 16 2014)

You ought to be able to relax and enjoy your achievements. (Robert Crampton, paraphrase, March 24, 2012, explaining why he didn’t drink “much” when he was younger, just vodka in graveyards and stuff, but he says he’s kicked it now.)

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