Thursday 3 March 2016

Neologisms 13

Downton Abski
Who needs forgotten words for redundant processes – when did you last use a swingle tree, dydle or jupp? As for slang and imported Americanisms – most fads fade fast. Hurrah for the inventive speakers and writers of the English language. And French.

chin-stroking political magazines (Libby Purves Times 29 Feb 2016)
batshiticisms (Zachary Fisher)
magnificent doolalliness

smiling car dealer unctuousness
(Nick Santa Maria on American politicians)
light-switch distinction (Scott Ratner)
egregious info-dumping (in novels) (

phantasmorganic Egypto-Atlantis PoMo with a bit of Metropolis.
(Raffael Dörig)
fridge-magnet poetry (Alex Paknadel)
tuxedo cat (black and white)

Proposed building is “shovel ready” (Adam Nathaniel Furman)
parawibble (Douglas Murphy)
L’étrange hululement de la Beetham Tower, à Manchester. (Valery Levacher)

(Tina Fey)
pretend Routemaster (John Elledge on the “new” bus)

developers’ blandeur
(Jonathan Foyle)
eco-pretence (like astroturfing and greenwashing)
side-eye (verb) (Owen Hatherley)

Viagra urbanism

deep cleanse your life

dated avant-garde whimpers
(Richard Morrison Times 2015-09-29)

overwrought blogs (Helen Lewis – but I think she means “people I disagree with”)
elitist sourpuss (for a “literary” writer)
Strunkated writing (by a misguided follower of Strunk and White)

without getting lost in the knotweed of Congressional procedure (John Sopel BBC News)
Hollywood remake hell

overpriced chichi cafés

a friend who has been trodden on by fate (PD)
iceberg basements (three storeys deep)
a “panic now” situation

Quick, Downton Abski, BBC1 (@samwollaston on War and Peace.)

Their dreams were “eroded by the sands of bitter experience”. (PMcD)

Presentism, as Helen Szamuely acutely calls it, where the attitudes of the present day are transplanted backwards into a historical context where they did not actually exist. (Noah Stewart on Father Brown)

The haggard format has worked its magic once again. (Times on You Make Me Feel Like Dancing)

I’m not keen on soccer fans in bulk shipments. (IG)

I’m within a fish-scale of graduating. (The Avengers, 60s)

Almost jaw-dropping in its well-meaning crassness. (Hugo Rifkind on Do They Know It’s Christmas?)

The clanking of skeletons decupboarding... (Martin Stockley)

Screams Kinder egg to me, to be honest. (Bargain Hunt contestant on a tacky spider brooch)

‏Every Halloween, we get another story about someone who apparently just wandered into the 21st century from a very long time ago and thinks it’s cool to conduct their own minstrel show for japes. (Independent 2015-10-31)

The forces of horrible have been hard at work at on the interior of Stansted Airport. (@WillWiles)

The highlight of the programme is not the re-enactments with hairy extras making “Aaaaargh!” noises, but the examples of Celtic jewellery that display a level of craftsman ship that beggars belief. (Times on The Celts: Blood, Iron and Sacrifice)

i love the term “partners.” are we dating? do we run a legal firm? are we robbing a bank? Who knows. (yu narukami ‏@yunacaromi)

This thinking is so shallow that it’s not even paper deep. (@101nasir)

My Twitter stream is suddenly full of Tories picking apart the detail of Corbynist economics, like astrophysicists interrogating Scientology. (Damian Counsell ‏@DamCou)

The twee, cloying version of Sunday Morning in that H&M advert makes me want to stab a rabbit. (@paulwhitelaw)

Something had gone smelly. (Rip-Off Britain on pension “liberation” scheme “Most of the money has vanished into thin air.” Angela Rippon)

This settle has more worms than Ilkley Moor baht ‘at. (Philip Serrell)

The Pope really is smashing up the right-wing treehouse. (Andrew Brown)

I've become everything I hate. I've ordered a graze box. (@Jimbobaroo)
I got sent one. Bits of stale stuff. Tiny bits of stale stuff. (Lucie Toblerone ‏@msloobylou)
It was free. But I've had one before. Little bits of balsa wood and dust. It made me want to cry. (@jimbobaroo)

The crustaceans have a big house-swap dilemma. (Murray Gold on hermit crabs)

This is the moment when you sink or swim, and I am fully for the swimming option. (Alex Polizzi, Hotel Inspector)

The machinations behind Bella’s romance are quite wince-worthy. (Goodreads review of Our Mutual Friend)

Would you like some cheese to go with that whine...? (Nat ‏@SecuLawyer) 

Sarkozy qui critique Marine Le Pen sur les réfugiés: le Camembert qui dit au Roquefort qu'il pue. (@LaFranceapeur)

A new season of super-bombastic telling-you-how-great-it-is DR WHO. Every shouty self-aggrandising trailer depresses me. (Lee Jackson @VictorianLondon )

There’s no potism like nepotism. (Danny Baker)

This case is held together with baling wire! (ex-colleague)

There is no untraining when you’ve learned how to kill. (veteran fighter pilot)

I’ve been slapped round the face by the wet haddock of reality. (Jonathan Foyle on Time Team)

Everything’s cathedral quiet. (golf commentator, BBC)

I love how the author, in 25 pages, has taken my sympathy & support & alienated them with pious condescension. (@TalkingDogGenre)

What's the point of Eurovision being in Vienna if there's not going to be an appearance from Lipizzaners doing their horse Riverdance? (‏@redskyatnight)

You plot us on the political spectrum, we're the other end of the see-saw from the kippers. (@KateVasey)

You don’t want politicians to come out with “pre-cooked lines”. (Ian Katz, BBC)

“drenching rainbursts” of criticism [that did for Multiple Personality Disorder]. (Skeptic March 2015)

McKenzie friends could drive ‘bulldozer’ through 2007 act. (Law Society Gazette It was "coach-and-horses” last time.)

Subud is a Westernised version of Sufism consisting of “slight tales and received wisdom”. (Jenny Diski)

Des gens qui se sont trompés d’étage. (They “got out at the wrong floor” and realised this wasn’t the place for them.)

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