Friday 6 May 2016

Haiku 15

Off-white states of mind

Dimity, Archive, Stony Ground
Farrow and Ball shades.

Blackened, Bone, Plummett,
Down Pipe, Black Blue, Pale Powder,
Dead Flat, Skylight, Clunch.

Friday Feeling
A sensation of falling towards,
like the cold is inside you,
like the certain knowledge
you will never be happy again.

The sad sounds
of a broken
cucaracha car horn.
Carolina A. Miranda ‏@cmonstah

Passing clouds are
somebody else's rain.
Karl Sharro ‏@KarlreMarks

Uncomfortable office environment.
Cold air in the sunny sky.
Wind-whipped waves briefly glimpsed.
Some Bloke in a Hat ‏@toolegs

A deserted 20-lane highway
runs through Myanmar's
empty capital city.
Atlas Obscura

Lady Blanche Arundell, aged 61,
defended Wardour castle
with a garrison of 25 men,

but it fell, ruined.
I take tea
looking at the fallen walls.

James Thompson ‏@JamesPsychol

A cool wind bringing
the smell of Spring wafts across
the work car park.
Some Bloke in a Hat ‏@toolegs

Lovely desiccation cracks

at end of A Corridor!
Will sand be blown in to preserve them
before it rains? Er, no...

I saw some while walking
on the fields yesterday!
Was going to take a photo but thought
who would be that sad?!

A herd of elephants
moved into the apartment upstairs
and they stomp like humans
living their lives, braving rare troubles,
clinging to hope.
Chris Worthington ‏@SomeChrisTweets

Entombed in this strange white stone hill
are the deadly remains
of radioactive weapons production.
Atlas Obscura

To @pavementgeologyYou have taught me to look down,
but mostly I see rubber bands
and lost, single mittens.
Richard Epstein ‏@rhepstein1

I no longer fear Death
but I do fear ending up
on an episode of Heir Hunters.

Above the roar of rush-hour traffic,
the most beautiful liquid song
of a blackbird perched on a TV aerial
high above Great Portland Street.
Hugh Pearman

Thousands of feet walk
over fossils of eons-dead creatures
at the airport in Stockholm every day.

We go home via the recycling centre,
and receive a short but earnest lecture on the Astral Plane
from the man who helps us unload our bags.
Kate Long ‏@volewriter

Driving home from the vets,
I'm forced to brake hard.
Suddenly there is a guinea pig
loose in the footwell.
Which of us is more panicked?
Kate Long ‏@volewriter

Roses are red,
Violets are purple, yellow or white,
And their seeds are dispersed by ants! So cool.
Wait, what were we talking about?
Bird and Moon ‏@RosemaryMosco Feb 12

Sunny, chilly Blackheath.
What's that smell?
Ah yes, money.
Don Constance ‏@snaprails

I wished to recall
my dreams. Now I spend each night
mapping their city.

Writer Ronald Duncan
wrote his epic 5 volume poem 'Man'
in this hut. I, on the other hand,
ate a cheese sandwich.

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