Tuesday 2 August 2016

Twitter Haiku 16

Just caught myself thinking,

"When the summer comes..."

Squirrels in the loft,
bees in the woodburner,
spiders petitioning the door with webs.

What bombs did
to Rotterdam,

parking lots did
to Houston.


Took my inhaler outside
to ponder the night,
and a monster moth
flew up my nightie.
Just as well I don’t
scare easily.
(Kate Long ‏@volewriter)

Waiting in the chemist's,
I hear a clip-clopping
in the street outside

and turn to see a woman
dressed as a fairy,
riding a zebra.
"Best hurry up
with my prescription,"

I want to say
to the pharmacist.

(Kate Long ‏@volewriter)

Approaching Heathrow I flew over parents' house.
It was just light enough to make it out,
Just dark enough to see the kitchen lights.
(Dan Snow ‏@thehistoryguy)

So what have I been up to,
I hear you cry.
Lurking about old stones
Checking out ghost railways
Looking at otters
Farting around.
(Some Bloke in a Hat ‏@toolegs)

An island within a lake
within an island
within a lake
within an island
within an ocean.
That’s calderas for you!

Night falls, foxes bark.
High heels approach, echo, fade,
Return, die away.

Behold Pluto
where pitted nitrogen plains
confront rugged, organic
encrusted ice mountains!
(David Grinspoon)

Distracted by this concrete carcass.
At the top was planned a revolving restaurant
with fish swimming beneath the floor.

Tired man buys £1 sandwich from Tesco Metro.
Wednesday night.
Staff dulled by Total Eclipse of the Heart.
Too Loud.

Why is there always lightning
when I want to run around outside,
waving a golf club in the air?

Wallander subtitles
Tyres hiss on asphalt.
Dog bark in the distance.
Many voices talk at once.
(Roy Kelly ‏@stanyanfan49)

On a train
I see something going on in Upminster.
Lots of stalls and young people.
Probably guitar music too somewhere.

When you exit the train
please remember
to take all your longings with you.

I am all alone in Pizza Express,
with the exception of the staff.
There's light music playing.
I just ordered a cheese cake.
That's life.
(Leslie Costar ‏@madetea)

Incredibly old
gingerbread man smiling
at the back of the cupboard.
(Matilda Tristram)

In the distance, an ice cream van
playing a music box version
of the Match of the Day theme tune.
(Daniel Trilling ‏@trillingual)

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