Wednesday 14 December 2016

Hey Guys, It's 2017! (Almost.)

Why are there still faith schools?

They always say time changes things, but you actually have to change them yourself.
(Andy Warhol)

‏The conservative response to “It’s 2016 and the liberal project still hasn’t been achieved!” is to sneer: You might almost think that it was THE CURRENT YEAR guys.

It’s 2016 and Nazis are back, and terrible things are happening in the Middle East, and...

It's 2016 almost 2017.... why are there still wobbly tables in restaurants? (@SpenceShaw7 Nov 22)

There is a man on my train who is testing the ringtones on his phone. At full volume. In 2016. (Charlotte L. Riley ‏@lottelydia Nov 14)

For people bemoaning that there are gay characters in Coronation St in *2016 *, a few words from its creator. (James Cooray Smith ‏@thejimsmith)
"On one occasion I sat there and listened and listened until I got to my feet and said, 'I have sat here and listened to three poof jokes, an actor described as a poof, a storyline described as too poofy, and I would just like to remind you that without a poof you wouldn't be in work'. One of them said, 'But Tony, we didn't mean you'. I said, 'You call my brothers, you call me'. I didn't know I felt so strongly until that moment, and from then on I never pretended to another soul that I was anything other than what I am." (Coronation Street creator Tony Warren)

A horrific day in British politics when archaic faith schools are given more power. Supposed to be 2016 not 1916! (Chris Manning ‏@VaegaVic)

Faith and learning should be kept separate, its 2016 not 1816. Why are all the churches closing then? (harry o ‏@zeerlin12)

How and why is this type of thing happening all over the world? In the 21st century? (@sezohanim on protests over refugee camps in Nairu.)

There are Vote Leave billboards on the M40 urging drivers to 'Stop ze German Advance'. And yes, it's 2016. (Robert Colvile @rcolvile)

Last direct train to London from Manchester on a Friday night: 21.15. Unbelievable. In 2016. #northernpowerhouse (Sathnam Sanghera ‏@Sathnam)

Seems vastly improbably that splinter of bone is from Thomas A Beckett, but even if so, in 2015 it should be in museum, not being worshipped. (Tom Shakespeare ‏@TommyShakes)


Jewish father driven out of his London home after being attacked 30 times in 3 years by racist thugs (@ShulemStern )
This is 2016 not 1939. (‏@MargeDacre)

2016 and I'm working to try and help children who have been rescued from slavery and people are correcting my grammar. Well done internet. (@HeardinLondon)

"Legal Action In Gay Slur Cake Incident". Welcome to 2016, time traveller. No, no flying cars yet. (Damian Counsell ‏@DamCou)

And why do I still have to read such headlines in 2016? What have I done wrong to deserve this? (M. v. Aufschnaiter ‏@mva_1000)

#Its2016AndWeStillDont have marriage equality,more than a quarter of female MPs,constitutional indigenous recognition,fast broadband #auspol (@GaryNunn1)

It's 2016 and the Daily Mail is still (re)writing articles like this: Can any wife fancy a man who becomes a house husband? (@marcuswstow)

It's 2016, and technology hasn't quite caught up...

Some people aren’t replying to their own Tweets yet, so you have to read their grate thorts backwards.

The thing that most impresses me about Boots is that they sell stuff where the prices aren't on the system, they look them up in a book. (@celestialweasel)

It took two hours of hell on the phone to fail to persuade Virgin to cancel my TV and broadband contract. None of the robot services would accept my phone number or mobile number. I've got an account number but no area code. Finally I got through to a person, but she spoke very little English and the line was terrible. I had to ask her to repeat everything. I told her the problem (two engineers say there's no cable and they can't put one in). She said she'd look up my notes to see what the problem was, and read it back to me. (Which was what I’d just told her.) Then she tried to rebook the installation appointment... No amount of yelling "Cancel it! Cancel it!" would stop her. She had read and heard the words, but obviously didn't understand them. Finally she said she'd put me through to her supervisor, and the line went dead. (In the good old days, it took half an hour to find a line that worked, and half an hour to get through layers of “I’ll just put you on hold and see if he’s free” to get to the person you wanted to speak to. This is not progress.) It was cancelled in the end after I whinged on Twitter and sent angry emails to every Virgin customer service person in my address book.

Wordscraper doesn’t automatically save your notes.

Why can't I get a blogger feed on a Facebook page without a degree in computing? They can put a man on the moon...

I have two files called template, one in Word (template.doc) and one in Garageband. If I search Spotlight for “template” it lists them both. I select “template.doc”. Spotlight thinks I really want the Garageband file and opens Garageband. Several minutes wasted while it loads and I shut it down again.

And Twitter doesn’t do automatic emojis yet, unless you’re using a phone. Oh, you’re all using a phone. Oh, I see.

The Independent is incredibly slow to load, impossible to read, and crashes Firefox every time.

When I pause my Epson printer and resume, it starts printing the document again from the end.

We can put a man in space but Facebook doesn't support italics or bold.

There are a gazillion different kinds of:
light bulb
ink cartridge

you can’t remember which is which
or where you put the one you need
or else you’ve left the thing at home

Sometimes the bagging area is on the left and sometimes on the right and you have to place your items in the bagging area even if there are no bags because the store doesn't use them, and it’s never ever labelled BAGGING AREA.

My energy supplier emails me to say it has sent me a message on my account page. I can read the message there, but I can’t reply to it there. I have to email them. And they can’t email me back – they can only email me to say there is an answer on my account page…. I think.

And online forms still ask me if I’m Miss or Mrs.

And online forms are agony to fill in, erasing everything you’ve input, arbitrarily halving your income…

And people are STILL whingeing about women putting on makeup in public. Didn't that one go out in 1925?

But go to top of page in Firefox is Apple up cursor!

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