Friday 10 February 2017

Haiku 17

Help me! I am trapped
in a haiku factory
save me, before they

Oh, the seventeen-
syllable restriction is
such a massive pain!

The best haiku are

Created when not writing
Haiku purposely.
At least that’s what I
think; your mileage may vary.
To each his own, eh?

Morning through snow –

Everywhere a Ravilious picture,
The old tractor, the old wall, Morrisons.
maximpetergriffin ‏@maximpetergriff

"Have you looked at the sky today?"
Everything around you will fade.
Look up and remember The Eternal.
Rabbi Nachman/Lee Weissman

Huge, wet snowflakes falling outside.
Not settling as it's (just) too warm.
Maybe it's actually an alien invasion.

There's a ship hooting mournfully
Over and over, out in Table Bay.
Shouldn't someone answer it?

Here, the airfield
is shading into otherness
under mist.
Kari Sperring

The female pheasants
ran very very fast into a field
As though on little springs.

The wild birds mark their territories:
wild swans in one field, lapwings in another,
ravens in the oak groves.

Picking up apples
in the dampness of the day. Deep scarlet
strawberry leaves.

Hibernation. In between
working and the garden,
the fire and old familiar books.

The dog has not fallen
into the ditch again. The presence
of a washing machine is a beauty.
Liz Williams/LF

Orion striding
across the southern sky,

Pleiades mistily bright
over the eye of the Bull,

and a tiny meteor.
Liz Williams

Huge otherworldly
domed rocks
on the shore
of a deadly lake.

Atlas Obscura headline

I would love to go to the Palaeogene
to see the rise of the Himalayas
sand closure of the Tethys Sea.
Nadine Gabriel ‏@NadWGab

Moon above my house.
Golden in the sunset.
It tells me I lost a piece of myself.

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