Monday, 9 April 2018

Malaprops and Portmanteaus 8

Portmanteaus pack two meanings into one word, malaprops improve on the original.

Phombies, meanderthals
(People who meander down the street looking at their phone.)
dismall (dreary shopping mall)
escortionists (gold-diggers)
coatigan (Lots at M&S Feb 2018.)
It’s absolutely adhorrible.
The bitchcraft community (in Glastonbury)

Nice ficture! (A ficture is a highly photoshopped and HD’d picture.)

I don't know nothing about it. This is all fabrighasted. (@richardosman)

The field of manthematics is expanding beyond that whole thing where 33% of a room being women makes it feel "woman-dominated". (@AmyDentata)

Had posh mushy peas served in a Kilmer jar. (Deborah Meaden)
Meshasmits (Messerschmidts)
pereguin falcon (peregrine)
in agreeance
Nan has moved into a bonglo.
voieyre (voyeur)
widow of opportunity
Corbyn is a terrorist synthesizer.
The scrum of the earth (It’s “scum”.)
Lovely product, very lugubrious! (Luxurious?)

This photo of bare trees "looks like a venal system. The only pretty part of humans for me." (FB) (Venal means devious, mercenary, dishonest. Every human has a “venous” system of branching veins.)

At this stage police have not located any causalities. (Nov 24 2017)

A small gun can be concealed up a sleeve or in a retinue. (reticule)

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  1. I remember once seeing a market stall selling clothes: 'lovely buckley jackets and cardis'. After considerable thought I realized that these were boucle items...