Thursday, 2 July 2009

A Level Art

Camden School for Girls A Level Art Show
Lots to like. Inspirations are Gerhard Richter, Anselm Kiefer and the school’s urban surroundings. I liked views of modernist or brutalist architecture, some in black lines over random patches of colour, or in lino prints. Bluston’s Gowns in Kentish Town Road and the Ristorante Aurora near the Strand are immortalised (Bluston’s stitches retro dresses in horrible fabric, the Aurora serves old-fashioned food like Fettucine Alfredo). Photographers snapped markets and concrete overpasses in black and white. Students had “looked at power, status, figure and place”. When I was an art student in the 60s we weren’t allowed to play with abstract nouns. We’d have been shot if we’d suggested a theme or (eugh!) an idea. Well done, chaps!

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