Thursday, 16 August 2012

Inspirational Quotes 20

After a couple of weeks of ready meals for one… It’s no fun being on your own. Suzi Godson Times June 23 12

Food shopping for one has a doomed, fated feeling about it. Newly divorced Ewan Morrison, Times May 15, 2012

I’ve made a few friends in the five years I’ve been here, but it’s hard to break into established circles. Women regretting she’s an expat, Guardian June 23 12

When I was younger, all my friends would have boyfriends and I’d be the one that goes along with them and stands around waiting. So embarrassing! Actress Ami Metcalf, Times June 25 12

At the child guidance clinic I was struck by a similar indifference to outcome. Eventually I became concerned that I could see little evidence that the children and families who attended received any benefit; in fact, the majority defaulted on their attendance after a few appointments, usually one or two. It seemed to me that the people working there should have been questioning the validity and utility of the theory and practices to which they adhered. Michael Heap, The Skeptic, June 2012

Yes at the end of the road of Buddhism, what you gain is totally nothing and nothing is what you gain. You will understand the working of the universe, it comes from nothing and goes to nothing. Commenter on Youtube

Everyone is into having kids. Larry Lamb on the One Show June 6 12

You might be “seeing” someone, but it does not correspond that said party is “seeing” you. Hannah Betts, Things You Only Know When You’re Single, Times June 2012

The problem with an enlightened approach to sex is you're probably sleeping with a guy and have no idea if he's your boyfriend. Deanna Kizis, How to Meet Cute Boys

I couldn’t work out what people who weren’t in a relationship did with their spare time. Deanna Kizis, How to Meet Cute Boys

It must look like a chance encounter. I mean, any guy who sees a girl walking purposefully towards him at a party will probably think she’s either desperate or a crazy person. Deanna Kizis, How to Meet Cute Boys

I figured it was too soon to introduce him to Mother – that would seem too couple-y. Deanna Kizis, How to Meet Cute Boys

Charlie Stait: How do you get your confidence back, Colin Montgomerie? CM: By playing well. BBC Breakfast May 17, 2012

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