Saturday 4 August 2012

Jobs You Never Knew Existed

run cocktail workshops

taphonomist (they study how things become fossilised)

design new theme park rides

design fireplaces

bespoke fake tan sprayer (James Harknett at the Away Spa at the W Hotel)

punt visitors along Cambridge’s waterways (or Oxford’s) (chauffeurpunts)

make miniature hats (

happiness engineer for Wordpress

make custom dresses for school proms

distress wood to be made into “recycled” furniture (paint with several colours then sandpaper)

manufacture wind catchers (

anodise things (

sell self-assembly geodesic domes (

make stylus gloves with a stylus on each finger

manufacture dialling wands for smartphones – how about one in sterling silver? (

sell “real-looking” twitter followers

latte artist

knit wedding dresses

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