Thursday 30 May 2013

Haiku 4

I am everywhere,
in the ocean which is my blood,
in the hills which are my bones. 

August Strindberg

A squirrel sits in a tree
in Kelvingrove park,
eating a Tunnock's teacake.

@Greebobek/Bek Hobbes

It's hello cat,
but is it goodbye
fundamentally flawed extension?

Cowboy Trap 2013-05-28

If anyone spots
the remains of a Peppa Pig cake
in the Buckinghamshire area...
it's ours.
Btw does anyone know
how to remove eel slime?

Ben Fogle

I’ll go somewhere spooky, alone
With just a torch in the dark.

Review of Arne Dahl @samt77

So many vapour trails up there today,
planes taking to the expanse of blue
like a crayon to fresh wallpaper.

John Grindrod

In the garden today,
picked up a moth,
thinking it was a dead leaf.
Lee Jackson/@VictorianLondon

Small new leaves on the
silver maple tree hang folded.
Miniature green bats.

Elizabeth Bastos/LF

All is cold, rational, empty!
Filled with memories of great antiquity
I wander as if among the dead.

Romantic 19th century Scandinavian archaeologist

Ich habe heute morgen
einen Sonnenstrahlenkranz
Regine Wosnitza

It’s nearly 8:15am
howling a gale
& the sky is John Major grey
but more menacing.



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