Friday 31 May 2013

Why Gay Marriage Is Wrong Part II

[Former Archbishop of Canterbury] Lord Carey claims equal marriage opens door to polygamy and marrying your siblings. (@OwenJones84, May 31 2013) Earlier he said that we shouldn’t have equal marriage because some ethnic minorities are homophobic. (May 2013)

“A lot of people are concerned marriage is being redefined, and they don’t think the Government should get involved. It is already a divisive situation – these are beliefs people have had for hundreds of years.” Interviewee on May 2013 (People believed that bloodletting cured disease for 100s of years.)

One rightwing [French] MP claimed the government was "killing children" by allowing same-sex married couples to adopt, while a senator said gay marriage would pave the way for people being able to marry animals or objects. Guardian May 20 13

Gay marriage is "culturally Marxist". (says somebody or other May 2013)

Restaurant “refused to host gay couple's wedding party because it would be bad for its feng shui”. (@GRadioLGBT Sept 2012)

Allowing marriage of same-sex couples would support another 'stolen generation' (@ACLobby) What the hell is wrong with you people? (@MrOzAtheist )

SPUC (the Society for the Protection of Unborn Children) says gay marriage will ‘destroy UK families’. Also ‘Marriage will be reduced to gratifying your own personal desires’.

Director of SPUC on #equalmarriage: "We must act now to prevent our country descending into centuries of barbarism". (@jonanamary)

David Burrowes, one of the organisers of the campaign against the reform, told The Independent he is "cautiously optimistic" the proposal will be defeated in the Commons because it would "fracture" the institution of marriage. Mr Burrowes, parliamentary aide to the Cabinet Office minister Oliver Letwin, insisted there is strong opposition to gay marriage across the Conservative Party spectrum. "Many colleagues are worried that it would fundamentally affect how marriage between a man and woman has historically been viewed in this country," he said. "There are strong doubts that we need to go down this path. It would open up a can of worms and a legal minefield about freedom, religion and equalities legislation. Gay marriage is a debate we don't need to have at this stage. It is not an issue people are hammering us on the doorstep to do something about," he continued, adding: "It is important that there is a reasoned debate around how we view marriage rather than about homosexual rights. It may open up old wounds and put people into the trenches; no one wants that." He denied that dropping the plan would jeopardise Mr Cameron's modernising credentials. "There are many other ways that the Conservatives can show we are a modern party – not least our social justice agenda. This is too important an issue to decide in terms of where it positions our party." Independent January 17, 2012 (Pure Jeremy Bentham.)

More reasons why gay marriage is wrong here. And here.

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  1. Equal marriage was legalised in 2016. Have any of the above dire consequences ensued?