Tuesday 31 December 2013

Inspirational Quotes 47

Always be spontaneous, but:
Before going on a date, it’s standard practice to think about questions that you can ask your date in the event that the conversation begins to flatten out.

Believe me, I perfected my "Wagner the musician is not the same as Wagner the man, and in any case he can't be held responsible for how his music was misused ..." speech pretty quickly. (brightcecilia.com)

It's sad that some girls feel the need to copy someone else just cause they think it'll make them more likeable #justbeyourself (Carly Preston ‏@carly_horse18 8 Aug)

Lives have been changed through prayer and sacred texts, but … it is through the discipline of attention and the following prescribed behaviours that lives are transformed. (The Skeptic, Sept 2013)

“You just have to get over things. But I don’t think I ever have!” (Rita Moreno on having her songs dubbed in West Side Story)

Quite a few people still think bullying is a normal part of life and don't see why effort should be expended trying to prevent it. Some of these seem to define bullying out of existence by calling it something else. (Mark Thornton mthorn@cix)

I eventually decided I needed to be more aggressive and boxing was the most aggressive thing I could think of. I took it up and the whistles stopped. (Ran Fiennes on being bullied at school, Times Sept 2013)

I realised it wasn’t for me. (Ran Fiennes, T Sept 2013 on climbing the Eiger with vertigo)

He was born into a family of fallen aristocrats and raised on a dilapidated Northamptonshire estate in an atmosphere of almost Victorian froideur. "We never related emotionally to either parent," he says bluntly. (Dorian Lynskey on producer Ivo Watts-Russell Guardian 2013-09-12)

Rulers are granted great privileges which are practically cancelled by taboo prohibitions. (Freud, Totem and Taboo)

Homosexuality, I was told, is not God’s best plan. They meet in bars, you know, and they’re not really committed to each other. (Antonia Honeywell)

Always do what you did and you'll always get what you got. (Chris Evans)

They had married in 1923 after a brief courtship involving long country walks and literary discussion. (The Love-Charm of Bombs)

Reading books that I would have read anyway and forming irrelevant opinions about them. (Giles Coren on studying Eng Lit Sept 2013)

In much the same way that a popular book written in accessible language cannot be "literature", an academic screed cannot be sufficiently "rigorous" unless it is written in language so [impenetrably] arcane that it is completely inaccessible to a non-"expert". (Nick Hart)

In “pop” a dreamworld is created which is a substitute for actual living, and also a projection of inward myth-hallucinations. (David Holbrook, Leavisite)

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