Wednesday 7 January 2015

Buzz Words of December 2014

Give her your seat

21st century lack of manners is complained of.

Curmudgeonly middle-classes now grumbling about anybody spending any money at all on anything. (Dec 1)

Black Friday has “apparently” become “all the rage”. (It has been around for years in the States.)

Christmas mania: shopping, parties, turkey dinners

Someone suggests renaming it “Greedmas”. (The Puritans banned Christmas altogether and some people have clearly never recovered.)

People versus “people”; ordinary v “ordinary”; journalists and “journalists” - seems to be a thing now. Or is it just more so than usual? Feminists are OK, but "feminists" are not.

BBC “panic” over gales (yawn). Met Men predicted gales – we got gales.

Weatherbomb – what kind of a word is that?

Nice middle-class people are finding ethical alternatives to Amazon. And they like complaining that LinkedIn is useless (except that it means people can always find you. Remember the hell of trying to find out someone’s phone number? By the way, you can turn off notifications.)

They also like bragging that email is overwhelming and they just delete most of them. If that’s you, you need a secretary or virtual assistant to set up spam folders and work folders, and do a lot of unsubscribing. Then they could read your emails every day and filter out the ones you need to see. Go on, give someone a job!

A last outbreak of “fawning” as Wills and Kate visit America and publish photos of their little boy.

What have we become?
People using “selfie sticks” now!

Many people have their Christmas “ruined” because of the wrong kind of tinsel.

Gamergaters carry on with their game of “touched you last”.
Someone’s writing a book about Gamergate.

People getting annoyed about “weatherbombs” again.

Reasons for lying to children about Santa reach new heights of absurdity (“It will introduce children to the socio-psychology of a collective delusion”  Almost sillier than “believing in Santa is good practice for believing in Jesus”.) And now they’re telling kids that the ISS is Santa and crowing “What price Richard Dawkins now!” Homo sapiens, I despair.

The BBC reports heavy snow in Wales and Twitter panics about panic.

Entitled women: Women aren’t entitled to anything, and men are entitled to everything.

man of the people: what politicians want to be seen as. (But it seems to mean “knows celebrities”, not “lives on an estate and shops at Costcutter”.)

longform: long
shortform: short

Very young men bandy about the term “White Knight” in a blizzard of mansplaining why women can’t be trusted with feminism. Very young men still don’t really know what “rape” means. (It's a violent crime.)

Of course gamergaters are used to being rude and abusive to each other in the games’ chat feature. Trash talk. Twitter is not a videogame.

Some people still don’t know what “equality” means. How can it mean “taking more than your fair share”? Is “parity” easier to understand?

Many are outraged at others’ outrage at outrageous phenomena.

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