Wednesday 4 February 2015

Jobs You Never Knew Existed (In Quotes)

Tough Bloke Challenge
I lecture and, frankly, it’s a rat race. You’re only as good as your last expedition. (Ranulph Fiennes)

Runs such as Warrior Dash, Tough Mudder, the Stampede and the Tough Bloke Challenge are predominantly aimed at men and commonly feature mud and obstacles. And for running fanatics… there's running tourism. Runners can sign up for marathons as far afield as Antarctica. More recently, race organisers have set their sights on women, with shorter novelty runs such as the Electric Run, Neon Run and Glow Run. (, October 2013 Organisers pocket the $50 entrance fees.)

My favorite of the bunch is Regina Weinreich, who is identified as ‘a Beat generation scholar’. While it’s no secret that the academic racketeers can turn just about anything into a ‘discipline’, Weinreich’s job description struck me as particularly delicious.  Here is a woman who was canny enough to hitch her professional wagon to the Beat caravan more than 20 years ago. (

Short story writer Richard Bausch describes meeting a couple who edited a struggling literary magazine and funded it by publishing a never-ending stream of how-to manuals for would-be writers. (

From CareerBuilder:
A: Actor for haunted house
B: Bingo announcer
C: Clown for rodeos
D: Drawbridge tender
E: Eye glass buffer
F: Fingerprint analyzer
G: Glass sculptor
H: Hot rod builder
I: Interpreter for government agency
J: Jelly donut filler
K: Karate instructor
L: Lifeguard at nude beach
M: Military role player (played Iraqi citizen for military sensitivity training)
N: Note taker for college students
O: Ocean scuba guide
P: Phone psychic
Q: Quiz writer for competitions
R: Rescue squad for pets
S: Stand-in bridesmaid (for weddings where the bride didn't know enough people)
T: Telemarketer for a cemetery
U: Urinalysis observer
V: Voice-over specialist for movies
W: Window washer for skyscrapers
X: Xmas tree decorator
Y: Youth boot camp instructor for juvenile offenders
Z: Zoo artificial inseminator

aeroplane salesman
focus group participant
human scarecrow
human statue
lip print reader
live mannequin in a high-end store (revival of an old job)
pearl diver
submarine cook
toy designer

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  1. My favourite job in all Agatha Christie is valet-masseur to a rich gentleman. You just know he's probably a bad'un, looking out for the will.