Friday 3 April 2015

Twitter Haiku 10

Sitting at home,
no heating on, balcony door open,
listening to the rain :)
Suzanne Hardy ‏@glittrgirl 

Listening to the rain
while sitting alone
in the pitch black
of the night.
Bek Hobbes ‏@Greebobek 

A near-empty hot water bottle
with a loose cap
emits a loud groan
when you tread on it
in the dark.

Record cold in South
50% of Lower 48 covered in snow
Ice Visible on Lake Superior...
Idaho breaks cold record from 1880!
Global Warming?
Carter Bates ‏@corkybates 

Magnetic fields
frozen into meteorite grains
tell a shocking tale
of solar system birth.
zoran ignjatovic ‏@barickiza 

Tibetan Buddhists do believe in gods.
Or archetypes.
Or personified abstractions.
Or something.
Roger K

The real elephant
in the room
was why you did not
keep your elephant
in the garden.

Sompting Lychpole dewpond
with noisy wavelets
blowing to the edges.
Mike Tristram

Reading! The autumn gloom
swirls around you, concealing all.
Thank God.

When I was born, Mars was a mystery.
Today we see planets forming around HL Tau,
a star 450 light years away.
Rupert Goodwins

All roads lead back
to Wolverhampton, man.
Even the A4123.
Sathnam Sanghera

Nine out of 10 people
on the bus next to mine
are on their phones.
The other one is
peeling a mandarin.
mrs o ‏@ortonioni

It is hard to walk out
into the Hell Creek Formation
and not stumble upon a Triceratops
weathering out of a hillside.
Dr Nick Longrich

Tonight, I am in Warrington.
Tomorrow I am in Sale.
I assume I was bad
in a previous life.

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