Tuesday 22 September 2015

Euphemisms about Lies (in Quotes)

Norumbega Castle
Several decades later, an English explorer named David Ingram elaborated (i.e., lied) and described the fabulously rich city of Norumbega that he claimed to have visited himself. This city of silver, gold, and pearls was generally believed to be in Maine (specifically on the Penobscot River), but explorers sought the place in vain. (straightdope.com on the Vikings’ supposed visits to the US)

The Department of Work and Pensions has admitted that “case studies” showing the benefits of sanctions on peoples’ lives were “illustrative” only, i.e. lies. (thepetitionsite.com)

don't get it - or, in other words, you disagree.
Ignorance. n. The state of not accepting my opinions.
Educate yourself, by which I mean agree with my opinions.

"Attacked by angry atheists" = received tweets questioning logic. (@MrOzAtheist)

"Injecting politics" aka "saying something I don't like". (@AmyDentata)

It is the anger of the pure believer towards the apostate. (Tim Lott in the Guardian on lefties who take issue with his Spiked attitudes. They disagreed with you, Tim. In another column he wrote that, since he earns more than his wife, on major expenditures his wishes over-ride hers. And he really can’t understand why she’s so angry. (March 2015)

According to my dictionary one meaning of "strident" is "Presenting a point of view in an excessively forceful way". (phinch@cix Do they mean “not surrounding it with caveats or ifs and buts”?)

When did 'holding a contrary opinion' become 'trolling'? (David Didau ‏@LearningSpy)

Aggressive and adversarial conflict generates publicity but it sets back the cause of proper conservation. (The chairman of the Hawk and Owl Trust on Chris Packham. Translation: This man disagreed with me.)

"We are voicing our legitimate discontent." "They are a mob".
( Ben Evans ‏@kittylyst Re junior scientists “hounding” Tim Hunt.)
“Tim Hunt was hounded out of his job and his career was ruined!” = He was sacked from honorary positions, he had already retired.

I engage, you harass. (@BDSixsmith)

Consumerism is when people buy things you don't approve of. But your own shopping choices show great taste and character. (Karl Sharro ‏@KarlreMarks)

You do not understand this, therefore you are an idiot.
I do not understand this, therefore it is nonsense.
(Steven Poole)

I explore neglected urban neighbourhoods;
You enjoy a vibrant cultural mix;
He gentrifies.
(Lee Jackson ‏@VictorianLondon)

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  1. Particularly like the Steven Poole quote, ' you do not understand etc' - how very true.