Sunday 18 March 2012

Neologisms 4

Metaphors, terminology...

blowing a kiss Rococo style – but blowing a kiss to the Art Nouveau. Anita Manning on Bargain Hunt January 14, 2012

circling the drain

cryptic Lazarus species The Floreana giant tortoise may be 1st ever cryptic Lazarus species, rediscovered when ppl found its genetic footprints. @edyong209

Hallmark moments = cornily sentimental moments in films

heaviosity It lacks the spiritual heaviosity of an Indian raga. “John Lewis” in the Guardian on Indonesian group Sambasunda February 16, 2012

legit, nutso Almost 400 people at Late Bar last night. This week has legit been nutso packed there!!! Is winter deadtime over? No more tumbleweed nights? @mgeils

nibbling Yesterday he was nibbling into the right direction. BBC Breakfast pundit on Ed Miliband

peanut gallery = the people in the cheapest seats (whose opinion doesn’t count)

Susan Greenfield, the neuroscientist who seems to have given up on science but constantly appears in the media telling people that ‘the internet can damage your brain,’ now has a website and a YouTube channel. A sense of irony, however, seems still to be on pre-order from Amazon. mindhacksblog

quilt of life How falling snow in the deep ocean creates a quilt of life @edyong209

sectariana Owen Hatherley on Belfast murals

side gig, side business

As Dr. Ofri writes, “[The term 'provider'] makes [physicians] feel like a vending machine pushing out hermetically sealed bags of ‘health care’ after the ‘consumer’s’ dollar bill is slurped eerily in.” PloS blog Jan 2012

wall wart
= A small power-supply brick with integral male plug, designed to plug directly into a wall outlet.

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