Monday 2 April 2012

Inspirational Quotes Part Ten

Just be yourself - you can do anything as long as you want it enough.

You have to be realistic about this profession. At drama school, I remember thinking: ‘I will never be Juliet. I will always be the nurse. Ruth Jones (above), Dec 2011

Underneath my attempts to appear bubbly, I was hard... Dawn Eden, Sunday Times January 14 2007

Drink and drugs provided a mask for me to hide behind. They meant I could pretend to be the bubbly Kerry everyone loved. Kerry Katona, Indy January 23, 2007

Start the year on a positive note; write your thank-you notes today. Follow the 4-sentence formula:the gift, the gift, unrelated, the gift. Patricia Fitzpatrick @NewYorkManners

You’re thirty-eight, and you haven’t got a wife and children. Why not? The Killing I, Mayer to Vagn

Gen Y likes assignments, they like feedback, they like meetings, group efforts, and after-work happy-hours. Business guru Penelope Trunk

…from an evolutionary point of view, placing our children advantageously in the adult social world is more important than their mere survival. That involves a great deal of social training in the teenage years, not to mention looking after their economic interests as young adults and providing them with the right kinds of social opportunities, marriage partners or even business breaks. It may begin with finding them godparents; it runs on into finding them jobs with friends or relations, and ends... with lavish weddings. Robin Dunbar, How Many Friends Does One Person Need

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