Thursday 10 May 2012

Jobs You Didn't Know Existed Five

All genuine. Usual disclaimers apply.

Now in mini e-book form:

78s DJ (of 20s jazz)

Add/restore plasterwork details to houses (coffered ceilings, rose mouldings, cornices ect)

architectural psychologist

china matching for when people smash bits of their dinner service

deep clean flats for tenant handover

design high-performance backpacks with gadgets and fleece-lined pockets for your sunglasses

dog nanny: people in India buy dogs and then hire a caretaker to feed, wash and walk their dog

forensic sculptor

freelance bailiff

for Booker prize judges

gold-plater for dictators’ guns, sofas, typewriters etc

face jobs:
white man hired to make company look more successful, white woman hired to make CEO look more successful; professional queuer from Weird Asia News

invent, make and market all-in-one duvets and covers that you can put in the washing machine

look up other people’s family trees

make upmarket garden sheds (home offices)

manufacture meditation/prayer pods

nanny to the super-rich

organise “pamper parties” for children or adults

organize 40s parties like @Dambustersball


professional crop circle maker (firm’s logo, pattern for advert, take photo and sell postcards, calendars, posters etc)

provide onsite masseuses to offices and “pamper parties”

purvey camel’s milk

run a “tutorial college” that guarantees exam passes by giving students the answers

superfood grower: search scientific literature for next superfood and start growing it. Seed press with stories about its superness and hope to start a trend.

sheep rustler

steam clean carpets

truffle hunter

write for video games (instead of scrabbling for copy editing/copy writing freelance work and getting paid £8 a week)

More here and here. And here.

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