Saturday 31 August 2013

Inspirational Quotes 40

Be yourself, confidence comes from within, yawn zzzzz.

The traditional respectable venues for eligible people to meet have all but disappeared. (Miss Manners’ Guide to Excruciatingly Correct Behavior)
It seems that the men I work with, including my two bosses, cannot resist turning any statement I say into some sort of sexual play on words. (ditto)

As an immigrant to this country in my mid-20s, I am at a stage in my life where many of my friends are getting married. (Problem from ditto)

a social unit of two (ditto)
Be yourself… Unless you’re a jerky know it all, then be someone else. (

It was my lost-soul, post-college adventure phase. (line from sitcom set in a women’s prison)

The ppl that say "grow up" are the ones that are bitter because they did. (@Imajika25)

It's an incredibly difficult but worthwhile thing, to act as if any other human is having a continuous mental experience as real as your own. (Truett Ogden ‏@Truett)

She was a youngster hoping for love like the others… (after surgery she) has found the fella of her dreams. She no longer feels out of place with her friends and is looking forward to life with her sweetheart. With her looks transformed, she hopes to open a beauty salon… “Now when I look in the mirror I can see opportunities that weren’t there before. There is the chance to go to college and have a better future. Before surgery I was picked on for looking different. Now I look the same as other girls my age. Our relationship has changed me a lot. I’m more independent now and have more self-belief. I feel like I’m now able to do things like going to college and having a career.” (Daily Mirror)

Social convention offers no palatable rites or modes for expressing wounded feelings or concomitant fears of being alone. (Barbara Pym, No Fond Return of Love Dulcie finds she can’t talk to anybody about the break-up of her engagement.)

At the inquest into her death, two days later, her half-brother Henry said he felt sure that she hadn’t meant to kill herself. The fact that she’d acted alone was down to her “pathetic loneliness”, he added. (Daily Mail on suffragette Emily Wilding Davison)

You’ve not mentioned love, Alec. (Bet Lynch to Alec Gilroy in Coronation Street after he pursues her to Spain and asks her to marry him.)

They have to trust me. I don’t particularly want to spend the whole of a lesson in a dialogue about why I’m asking them to do something. Just bloody do it. (Phil Beadle, adult literacy teacher)

Have a thick skin and take it on the chin. (black Wimbledon player)

My gods are older than yours and have more tentacles.

It is the old practice of despots to use a part of the people to keep the rest in order. (Thomas Jefferson)

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