Friday 1 November 2013

Neologisms 9

overcook (photo in Photoshop)

The measles of evil!
Spotty map marking the spread of London's £500k flats. (Feargus O'Sullivan ‏@FeargusOSull)

I could go into some sort of namby-pamby butterflies and unicorns crap about love and understanding… (

a particular kind of college-bred stupidity (Angela Carter)

In the 1930s, when Vogue prose reached an apotheosis of tinkling breathlessness. (Angela Carter)

Contains more hyperlinks than seeds in Rothamsted (Alok Jha)

screaming match (not new, but useful to describe what lefty politics is once again turning into)

educated above her intelligence (@katabaticesque)

custodize (Nothing to Declare) What happens to you after you've been a "dog indication" and they've found the cocaine in your shoes.

Imagine a country hamlet built by the love child of Prince Charles and Lady Gaga. It's worse than that. (BBC on Portmeirion and other quirky destinations in the UK)

That argument has crumbled like cake in the rain. (Mic Wright)

mayfly signing (to a record label) (Dorian Lynskey, Guardian 2013-09-12) Like “firework career”.

vanity height: unnecessary space in the world’s tallest buildings

Year 3? My baby? How the jibbering biscuits did that happen? (James O'Brien ‏@mrjamesob)

a veritable zoo of gargoyles who are so gargoyliffic that they fail to even realize the gargoylic proportions of their gargoylosity. (

Ep 2 of a mandible-dropping series (on insects). (@DrMatthewSweet)

A day late and a dollar short. (Christie’s Captain Hastings)

Tony Singh's Scottish accent can be seen from space. (Sathnam Sanghera ‏@Sathnam, Aug 2013)

The theme, as with many contemporary carnival acts, seems to be “post-apocalyptic dystopia”. (Irish Times, Aug 2013)

absolute fried gold (@gaipajama)

There are still issues with print, colour and a tendency to overdesign. (Blogger for the over-40s Amanda Carr on M&S’s autumn range)

I, for one, welcome our new insect overlords. (And variants. It’s from a 1977 film based on an HG Wells story.)

The word for today is “petrichor”. The smell of fresh rain on dry earth. Quite lovely. (Dave Jones ‏@welsh_gas_doc)

beds with sheds is called “backland development” (and cottages/gated communities in yards)

neophobe (says man who wants to bring back extinct species Professor Mike Archer, BBC)

Newspaper jargon for Italy's semi-abandoned factory zones: necropoli industriali. (Daniel Trilling ‏@trillingual)

They will rinse you of every bit of money. (Mike Haydock)

all over bar the screaming, the weeping and the financial settlement. (Michael Wood on Behind the Candelabra, LRB July 2013-07-04)

weapons-grade positivity (needed for concert) (Alex Silverman @silvermong)

There's much blandeur in recent New York high-rise apartment blocks. (Jonathan Foyle ‏@JonathanFoyle)

produced a historic level of collective eye-rolling (Jeff Chu, Does Jesus Really Love Me?)

besserwisser: know-all

I’m not calming up! (Speaker on Radio 5 Live on being told to calm down)

breathless ideas on programmes like this about stay-at-home dads (Dad on BBC Breakfast saying that their existence has been exaggerated)

makes everything seem like the Whimpering Twenties. (Mother Jones on The Great Gatsby, May 2013)

We are in the Rainforest Café as I feel the dining experience is enhanced by an animatronic elephant and a sense of dread. (Dave Turner ‏@mrdaveturner)

instant ancestor (old portrait you hang on your wall and pretend is great-uncle Bernard)

farm find, barn find (classic car found in old barn)

The sexfoil window in the right gablet (Jonathan Foyle on Bayeux Cathedral. Responding to @mym’s “quintriple” doors.)

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