Saturday 23 November 2013

Inspirational Quotes 44

Live in the moment, we make our own reality, there are no rules any more...
Couples often had nowhere private to go. They fell in love in dance halls and embraced in cinemas and parks. (Review of The English in Love by Claire Langhamer, Observer Aug 2013)

Convention serves a purpose;
it gives life meaning, and without it, one is in a constant existential crisis. Elizabeth Wurtzel

Other uses of the notion of performativity in the social sciences include the daily behaviour (or performance) of individuals based on social norms or habits. (Free Dictionary)

People say "Never give up" but sometimes giving up is the best option because you realise you're wasting your time (true but hard to accept). Said and copied by Syed. (Pinned up in internet café.)

In Cambridge in the 50s, being seen with a girl lost you prestige, being seen with a man gained you prestige. (Jessica Mann, paraphrase)

Dr. Alexander Avila identifies the seven gifts that shy people naturally possess - sensitivity, faithfulness, listening ability, reflection, modesty, mystery and gentleness. (Review of The Gift of Shyness)

Being quiet and shy in Asian countries is OK. But here in Western land it’s a different story when it comes to dating. (

Once you acquire a degree of fame and fortune, one suffers very little at the hands of the rest of humanity. People tend to treat you with a disproportionate degree of respect, and then you’re on the phone to someone who’s not looking at you and suddenly you feel how a lot of people are treated a lot of the time. (Rowan Atkinson, after someone imitated his stammer on the phone, Sept 2011)

We want to move on in life and look to the future. (Couple on Countryfile talking about getting a place of their own)

Make your own plans. Life's too short to spend a decade waiting for someone else to get their arse into gear. (Donovan ‏@MrOzAtheist )

Possibly as bad as your first day at school, or your first kiss.

There are destinies being decided. Eye-watering calculations are being made.

Choices which are possibly going to affect some aspect of the rest of their lives.
(BBC News on A level results day 2013)

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  1. Re: the first one. When people say - as they used to 20 years ago, less so now - 'cinema will disappear, home entertainment is the future' I always say cinema will never go while young people want somewhere to go that's private, away from their parents and (in England) not freezing cold. There'll always be a place for that...