Thursday 21 November 2013

Mixed Metaphors 10

The centre promises to be a buzzing cultural hub. (Only if there's a beehive in its cartwheel.)

Its pulse is on a very tiny part of the community. (It has its finger on the pulse of… Its focus is on…)

The tide is changing. (Tides turn – they rise, then they fall, then they rise again.)

Dinosaurs are just red herrings put there to test our faith. (Intentional.)

We don't have a horse in this fight. (Rick Santorum on Syria. He means "dog".)

They were going absolutely stir-fry crazy! (Time Team)

You can see the clogs whirring as they think it over. (Machines have cogs. Clogs are wooden shoes.)

Only amusing thing was the man at reception apologising and saying he was just a "clog" in the machine. (@adamcreen )

William is determined to forge his own path.

draw-dropping beauty

He draws a picture of Eliza as a young woman without much imagination, forced to use her raisin-sharp wits to carve out a brand-new life in a difficult new place. (NYT October 2013)

Tensions boiling over
in Uitenhage (The Herald PE)

Slovakian Roma in Sheffield: This is a boiling pot ready to explode (Guardian Nov 2013 Pots usually boil over long before they explode.)

Prince Charles urged the NHS not to dismiss alternative medicine as a “woolly cul-de-sac”. (Edzard Ernst)

Queen Mary became a rock around which the royal family focused. (Yesterday)

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