Tuesday 16 September 2014

Twitter Haiku 8

M25 at dusk.
Everything, everywhere grey.
Wake me when we're there.
(Andrew Baker ‏@ajbaker)

We are on a spinning rock
floating through space,
where all of its beauty can be traced
to a handful of chemicals.

Only when I am in public
and far away from home
do I realise my jeans
are covered in butternut squash.
(Hannah Cruse ‏@RoxieRoulette)

Keep an eye out tonight for Mars and Saturn:
They will appear close to one another,
Low in the southwest as the sky darkens.

Abruptly awoken by crow
announcing a murder.
(@sumit Sumit Paul-Choudhury)

Now at the foot of One Canada Square
With a spray of rain dusting my face,
Wind in my hair. Intense!

Currently sat on a dark field on Bodmin Moor,
listening to wild ponies whinnying
in the not-too-great-a distance.
Probably the Beast.
(Richard Firth-Godbehere)

Seven hours of passing sunny landscapes,
and insects liquefying in small explosions
on the windscreen. Get out of the car
to a breeze and the smell of pines.
(AdamNathanielFurman ‏@Furmadamadam)

During family snorkel
we look up & see
a rocky outcrop
with fluffy Herring Gull chicks
precariously teetering
on narrow platforms.

There's something beautiful
about the manner in which
railway workers stare up
at the slow passing trains.
(Andrew Male ‏@AndrewMaleMojo)

Damp and drearily dreary.
Cool. Love this weather.
(Bek Hobbes ‏@Greebobek)

Through the sealed double glazing
and hum of aircon,
the distant sound of bells
from a City church.
(Hugh Pearman)

Poetry is like
a bike helmet for the soul
against the car wreck of life.
‏(AdamNathanielFurman ‏@Furmadamadam)

The night sky
is eerily still & quiet.
Hoping for an almighty crack of thunder
& lighting display!

A gloved hand just appeared
over the wall of the cemetery next door
clutching a wire brush.

Brilliant blue sky
and shocking white fibrous tops.
It's an active atmosphere
in south London.
(BBC's Alex Deakin predicts storms)

Having the Abbey all to myself is a rare treat.
Locking up is one of my favourite duties.
Stood alone in the dark, surrounded by kings.

I'm just a few days away
from being woken
by the high-pitched shriek
of summer swifts!
(Maya Plass)

I thought the leaves
in the wind
were all butterflies.
(AdamNathanielFurman ‏@Furmadamadam)

My small homemade scone
started to emit smoke from the top
like a mini-Etna.

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