Tuesday 26 January 2016

Haiku 14

Help me! I am trapped
in a Haiku factory.
Save me, before they

Oh no, how awful
Fearless I shall rescue you
Let me just get my

To convey one’s mood
In seventeen syllables
Is very diffic
(Hugh Porter ‏@ShugPorter)

There's a big floppy something
Making a fool of itself in the wind,
Noisily, relentlessly,
Poorly fastened by bad workmen.
(your fair claire ‏@illusClaire)

I'm the only one on this train.
I think. It's a bit eerie.
Outside it is night.
And Swindon.

In that one dark pass
behind the shadow
of the world.
(Chris Hadfield)

London this morning
In mist –
Tip of the Shard.
(Antony Parké)

I'm off to bed,
in a caravan
in the middle of a field
in the middle of nowhere.
Good night.

Just pulling into Runcorn,
now they're pumping out Mariah
on the tinny PA system.
I have conflicted feelings.
(Matthew Whitfield ‏@mwhitfield80)

Ennui in the office.
Dirty grey winter dirt.
A small orange toy wagon
abandoned on the pavement.

A short shift on my day off.
A lost hat, soon to be reunited.
A broken brolly, disregarded.
A tree full of crows.
(Some Bloke in a Hat ‏@toolegs)

White mushrooms a-peeping
through the leaf litter;
Pumpkin, spattered on the roads;
Many hundreds of geese
in the stubble-field.

A bullfinch.
Marsh harriers.
Two deer.
A black-tailed godwit.
A massive nose bleed.
A flat battery.
A jump start.
Today at Leighton Moss.
Some Bloke in a Hat ‏@toolegs

To be a high school
poetry judge
I have put on
large earrings.

Wind chimes are doing some rattling out there...
singing about a big wind that's on its way, perhaps.
(Alan McGinn ‏@Chainsaw_McGinn)

What I love most about London
is how you can take a 20-minute bus ride
and pass through many cities.
(Karl Sharro ‏@KarlreMarks)

Every time a train station is revamped,
we lose a place to end a grim relationship.
(The Guardian)

How do you know
if it's a fall poem?
There are geese in it,
and the word "ochre".

Chilly Hackney coffee temple.
Earnest man spends 5 minutes
making sans-serif cappuccino.
Tastes like lukewarm Mellow Birds.
Croissant? Stale.

Moving to the
black bones of winter,
the cold teeth
that tear the skin.
(David Southwell ‏@cultauthor)

Misty and still.
The silence underscored by a
distant Diesel engine.
(Some Bloke in a Hat ‏@toolegs)

La panthère nébuleuse de Taïwan
est officiellement disparue.
Vers un autre Monde.

Beautiful sliver of new moon
and big sparkly Venus
in the misty morning sky
when I was out at the hens.
(Alan McGinn ‏@Chainsaw_McGinn)

And now the exciting moment of suspense
In which I wonder if I’m on the right train
And if not, where I’m going.
(John Elledge)

Falling leaves in the parks
And wet pavements along the
deserted Embankment.
(Kenneth Williams)

Of all the stars in the whole sky
Visible to the naked eye
Only one is green
And nobody knows why.
(This is Beta Librae,
the second brightest star in Libra,
the Scales, just south of Serpens.)
(Fortean Times)

Dipped my feet in an ice-cold mountain lake
only to look down and see a snake
sitting on my foot.
(Mark Hogan ‏@markasaurus)

That raven's still outside.
Bad omen. Be careful.
Are you threatening me? Oo it's raining.
I... can't remember. What?

I've just watched a fox
run away down the railway tracks,
a little swift ghost
vanishing into the darkness.

I can hear more foxes
scuffing the dry leaves under the bushes,
as if embarrassed clerks
picking up spilled foolscap.

“It is not your dark, human,”
the foxes say.
“It never has been.
It is our dark,
and now we are taking it back.”
Hugh: Exactly where is Crouch End?
Centre's easy, but where are the edges?

Ruth: I've lived in London almost all my life
(both north and south of the river)
and to the best of my knowledge
I have never been to Crouch End.
If it isn't a tube station
I'm not convinced it exists.

Hugh: It isn't a tube station.
Yet I am here.
Wherever 'here' is.

After-dinner walk.
The light from the pizza van
draws in moths.

On intercity train,
darkness beyond the glass,
listening to Wicker Man soundtrack.

Wooden stirrer in takeaway tea,
polystyrene against cardboard,
nails on blackboard,
teeth and ice.

Waiting for the 77 bus to Arlington Heights.
The kids say, Mom, you sure love the bus.
To which I say: I do.
(Elizabeth Bastos)

I picked up an abandoned ES mag
under a tree near the tube.
Damp pink petals
keep falling out as I read it.
(Ruth Slavid @archifreelance)

The more I hear about
the great world outside,
the more I want to hide away
in a large snail shell.

It is gone eleven
here in north Sweden
and it is still not dark
and I have eaten cloudberries
and my room looks like
being inside a silver birch.

Housemartins are back
in their nest under the eaves of our house.
Summer may now commence.
(Ben Jones ‏@ben_patio)

The cat, Henry, so
quietly it sneaks up on you,
is snoring.
(Sam Leith ‏@questingvole)

Today, on anonymous Midlands Industrial Estates,
a surprising abundance of beautiful spring blossom
is frothing the little landscaping trees.
(Damian Counsell ‏@PootBlog)

I'm just up Brent Cross
having a jammy dodger
in the hospitality suite.
(Matthew Whitfield ‏@mwhitfield80)

In the dark woods,
to the sound of shrieking foxes,
there is a man thinking about
Ludwig Kirchner, & other ghosts.
(Imaginary Cities ‏@Oniropolis)

Oh succulents,
the more I try to love thee,
the more I inadvertently kill thee.
(Kate at Mirror80.com)

Brilliant blue sky over SW London this am.
Tiny dots of a crow and sparrowhawk
scrapping above Clapham.

If a vast, mist-shrouded
Russian lake could sing,
it would sound like
Hamlet Gonashvili.
(Andrew Male)

Exploring Reston, VA.
The back streets have a sort of bland bleakness
that American cities do so well.
(Mike Bennett @MikeHypercube)

"Forever" is at least until
all the protons in the universe decay.
10^76 years at the very least.
So I'm going with that.

All hail!
Those icy little spheres
falling from the sky right now.
(Mike ‏@Archangel_One)

It is now so cold
you can walk across Lake Erie.
But don't.
(Feargus O'Sullivan ‏@FeargusOSull)

‏Albion! Thy beauty
remains unsurpassed!
My heart sings
as we travel the A120.

We can't ever lose
these pictures that take us back
to places we have never been.
(Beatrice Queen ‏@lilBeaQ)

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