Tuesday 19 January 2016

Inspirational Quotes 81

Shallow party friends
Remember, a lot of useless advice is from age to youth.

I reject the ideas that life is supposed to be confusing, that life is supposed to be hard. These seem to be very prevalent ideas though. I also clearly reject the idea that life is supposed to be totally spontaneous except for the things those mean grown-ups make you do. I reject the notion that doing things that make you happy are “selfish” acts that should be minimized. (Truett Ogden ‏@Truett)

Fashion is a lonely, shallow world full of ‘party friends’. (Daily Mail)

Novelist Ali Shaw, author of The Girl with Glass Feet, suggests that glass delusion might simply be at the extreme end of a scale of social anxiety which many of us experience to a lesser extent. The fear of tripping and breaking is really an exaggerated fear of social humiliation. (BBC.co.uk)

‏ Saying “Oh, you’ll be fine” and dumping them in at the deep end of social situations will only reinforce their fears. (Times guide to shy children)

I don’t think you’ll ever recreate the buzz and cameraderie of working as an employee with like-minded souls once you pass the 40 mark. (commenter on Steerforth’s blog, The Age of Uncertainty)

After Hillsborough, standing was banned. After Kings X fire, all wooden escalators replaced. After
100 London cyclists killed by lorries...? (Bill Chidley ‏@BillBuffalo)

It is semi-public space outside homes that allows for social networks to develop. (Dr Elanor Warwick, Academy of Urbanism ‏@theAoU Apr 22)

Here we go again with the “agitator” narrative. Such BS & so disrespectful of the people who are rising up based on oppressive conditions. (Ida’s Disciple ‏@prisonculture)

If life begins at 40, I have some things to say about the warmup period. (@AmyDentata)

Today ... when you use words like democracy, human rights & rule of law, they immediately depict you as a leftist. (Dan Meridor)

Hollywood is full of sports captains and prom queens who want to be famous. (Eddie Marsan)

Admit it, have you ever told a cracking story to your friends but failed to include the crucial (but perhaps boring) caveat that the amusing events actually happened to someone else? A new survey of hundreds of US undergrads finds that borrowing personal memories in this way is common place. (BPS digest)

Embarrassment all round as Prince Charles's letters to ministers reveal him to be diligent, polite and well-informed. ‏(@iainmartin1)

As the population grows, so the pie needs to be shared in smaller pieces. Fairly. (@pal_ette)

The only single mother and single child in our circle, we were oddities, lonely together... Big families would invite us over with what I often perceived as a tinge of sympathy. (Single mother who lived in a suburb where you had to have a dog to fit in)

women: (exist)
men: Has Feminism Gone Too Far?
(little archer boy ‏@ithinkurkewl)

Matt Allwright: You just pour in care and affection until they submit, don’t you?
Council worker: You cannot give up with young people – you just can’t.
(Housing Enforcers)

Is it a hate crime that I don’t enjoy Ted talks? (Tristis Lacerta ‏@Jugbo)

Keeping people hopeless and pessimistic - see I think there are two ways in which people are controlled - first of all frighten people and secondly demoralize them. An educated, healthy and confident nation is harder to govern. (Tony Benn)

The Queen’s Speech: profit before people, screw the young, screw the poor and forget civil liberties. Same great taste now with no liberals. (Laurie Penny ‏@PennyRed)

Stereotypes mean when I or others are being actively dehumanised and I point that out, it’s my fault for not understanding the “joke”. (@FeministAspie)

The Human Rights Act will simply be replaced with another act. They’ll remove an acronym, add “responsibilities” to the label, and claim victory. (Matthew Parrish Times 2015-05-23)

Height gives you clout and presence. I just used to look down at people and they did things. (Melanie Reid Times 2015-05-23)

"The over-arching thing is that the world is moving in a better direction” despite bad news. (George Clooney on #bbcbreakfast)

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