Monday 29 October 2012

More Bathos

You offer the reader a chair - and then you pull it away! More here.

I can hardly contain my indifference. Kenneth Horne (script by Barry Took and Marty Feldman)

This gun handles with all the grace of a breezeblock. Antiques Roadshow

The Rosicrucians are about as secret as margarine. Fortean Times, May 09

Expectations ran low (for WNO’s subtextual Fledermaus) Rupert Christiansen, Telegraph 2002

Her life was as private as a postcard.

Learn to laugh at yourself – we certainly have.

Andrew Gimson charts the meteoric downfall of Chris Mullin, a Labour gentleman, as revealed in his new volume of diaries, Decline and Fall. Telegraph 17 Sept 2010

You have a great future behind you.

Actor goes under the top.

Petronius was a courtier who always managed to say what he thought without Nero finding out. Your friend is in a flop and you have to go backstage and congratulate him? Simply say: "You’ve done it again!” (Nic Roeg)

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