Sunday 28 October 2012

Buzz Words of 2012 Part III

communications ninja (job title)

nuanced (we nicked it from the States)

lollage (added to the Collins Online Dictionary)

bad boy (popular Sept)

bigot (week of Sept 10) Why is it such an insult?

take a hit (on standards)

gaming for playing the system (Lord Knight on Gove levels)

reviewing: now means mutual book-pimping (didn't it always?)

degreet: say goodbye

very “It will change the whole very nature” of claiming benefits, IDS, Sept 20 2012

It is what it is.

Pleb takes over from supper as the poshest word ever ever as those without Latin O Level look it up in a dictionary.

pillow face (the results of too much filler – urrrgh!)


trolling now means stalking, or being abusive online


tribal (Week Oct 1, week of Labour conference)

“Miliband speech … predictably tribal. Talking as if Labour are necessarily superior in terms of e.g. being able to offer the country solutions to her problems.” (@mrblawton)

"A group of Tory 'modernisers' have called the Labour Party 'immaturely tribal'." (@alex_jbutler)

"Labour supporters...vow Coalition is unthinkable. But they need to think again." Some solid reasoning by the usually tribal Polly Toynbee. (@Eugene_Grant)

naughty step

bad boy now everywhere Oct 25

gaming the system has taken over from playing the system

We fire up laptops instead of switching them on.

phobing on (a variant of “hating on”)

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