Monday, 22 October 2012

Jobs You Never Knew Existed 9

Run Downton weekends

Buy a stately home and organise Downton weekends. Costumes provided. Servants have to work as servants.

art hire

designer handbag hire

designer jewellery hire

disabled sport enabler

doggy daycare, pet taxi

double for one of the royals

ebook formatter

fake Ancient Egyptian beads: dark red, black, turquoise, pale green glass, all chipped and abraded
filler-in of complicated forms for other people

golf course designer

human hair trader

make marzipan body parts like @Miss_Cakehead

make plush handbag dogs (in handbags)

manufacture ceramic logs for flame effect fires

orphan: change your name and age and check into a children’s home

pet hire

ratcatcher (as councils axe their pest control services)

run team bonding exercises

run water taxis

scrimshaw faker

venue finder


Now available in mini ebook form - recently updated!

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