Wednesday 4 July 2012

Inspirational Quotes 16

“I was a dishwasher in a local Greek restaurant. No money, but it was something to do. It got me out of bed. I like restaurants. They become these weird families and you get very close to people.” (Jon Hamm on ordinary job therapy, Daily Mail March 2012)

Rhett Butler's father died of "genteel starvation... and hope". (Via @sophiawaugh)

"Be here now" was the slogan when she was in college, and "What, me worry?" Even during sex she could be made to feel inadequately bliss-centered, not cosmically enough tuned to the mysteries. Maybe you had to have children to recognize that rhetoric for the crock of shit it is. Lisa Zeidner

My teenage years were the hardest. All your friends pair off. (Small person in The Guardian, Dec 2011)

The majority (60%–70%) of patients with schizophrenia do not marry or have children, and most have very few friends or social contacts. The impact of these social difficulties as well as the stress caused by the symptoms themselves is reflected in the high suicide rate among patients with schizophrenia. (

In her startlingly pretty youth [she] had bobbed about in the shallows of the 1880s avant-garde group, the Souls. (Kathryn Hughes 2004 The Guardian)

I see it more along the lines of a typical entry in the long catalog of films where the female lead has no idea what she's looking for in her life so she does whatever is irrational and fun because that's how movie magic works. Liz throws out a man who has given the viewer no reason for dismissal, but this is standard procedure in a chick flick because here women can do anything and their lives will always improve. I've encountered far too many girls who take these plots to heart and implement them in the real world, leaving a trail of confused men in their wake. I'm a guy, and I'm not dumb enough to think that all the explosions I see in the films designed for my gender need to be realized at home. (Legendary Badass)

I think we made little of sorrow. We weren't sloppy-sentimental. It wasn't the thing to bellyache. Money and illness and sex were not talked about in those days and they are the only things people talk about these days, aren't they? Self pity and self esteem, which are now the key things in schools, were not allowed. (Deborah Devonshire)

Lifelong adolescence and self-indulgent bohemianism, often so unimpressive when encountered in real life... (Christopher Hart, Sunday Times, September 2010)

“It’s not about what you look like,” says Jessie J, hammering home The Voice’s “image is immaterial” message, while rocking… the image Jessie and a group of image experts have worked out as a winning formula in an industry where image is everything. (Grace Dent, April 1 2012)

She seems to have led a reasonably normal adult life — yielding a decent first marriage, two children and a happy second marriage. (Book review, Sunday Times)

Women have compromised themselves for aeons to be able to breed with partners who can provide security. (Suzi Godson Times Mar 17 12)

I learnt how to act like an extrovert. I think a lot of people learn the rules of the game [in order] to function. (Mark Dykeman on

Have the chat to suss out whether they want kids, disguised as comment about other people's kids. (Middle Class Handbook gives dating advice)

Camille Paglia noted that [The Best of Everything, written in the 50s] and Sex and the City had much in common in that the characters in both (who have similar lives) are "very much at the mercy of cads." (Wikipedia on novelist Rona Jaffe)

Cruddas says it was just "bluster". About as convincing as claiming abuse just "banter".  (@fechtbuch)

Those living alone “are more depressed”. (BBC March 23, 2012)

I'd pray for you, but (a) I'm an atheist, and (b) it doesn't work anyway, but the thought is there. (

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