Thursday 12 July 2012

Outdated Slang III

When did people stop saying:

“Books and newspapers will survive because people will never read on computer screens.”

arguably/unarguably (70s)

But still.

Christopher Columbus!


dirty work at the crossroads

Discussing what a forward slash or hash sign really is (solidus, octothorpe). (It’s gone through the “remote” evolution. People used to call it the “Herbert” or some other twee nickname and now everybody calls it a remote.)

Get your finger out! (Probably Army, common in the buttoned-up 60s.)

green shoots

in for trendy, popular

in turn

om nom nom!

preserved in aspic (when people stopped using aspic)

put away in mothballs (when people stopped using mothballs)

right, left and centre

secondment (They were the kind of people who called holidays “annual leave” and could say “superannuation” with a straight face. )

That’ll do the trick.

The exception proves the rule. (Perhaps ridiculous beliefs are less popular, and people are more practical. Maybe because they have more things that actually work.)

the world as we know it (70s)

trendy for trending

Twitter/Facebook is evil.

Violence is the real obscenity.

Wake up!

What’s your game?

Who sez? Sez who?

You soppy date!

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