Thursday, 12 July 2012

Neologisms 5

purgatory with hanging baskets Dan Kieran on Alresford

insta-hummable, permo-glued Dora Mortimer in Diva magazine

defogeyfication (putting a steel and glass skeleton around the Cutty Sark etc)


scope creep (of a project)

the state-sponsored babysitting nature of some college programmes

You'll be Art Deconized if you walk into this antique warehouse (Eric Knowles on Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is)

It felt as though we’d walked onto the set of a washing powder advert. Daisy Greenwell on a tiny Greek island Times May 2012


cardigan style old-fashioned golf commentating

homeopathy: dilutions of grandeur

barcode the fine lines around your lips that your lipstick “bleeds” into

glue-on CGI @Davebot1000

It’s time for X to open the kimono for “politician to set out his stall”.

an hour-long Laura Ashley advert Ross Clark in the Times on Titanic and period drama generally, March 2012

pizza effect Phenomena are exported and then reimported to their country of origin (also called hermeneutical feedback loop) Pizzas, and also folk songs published by collectors (sanitised and harmonised) that go back into the oral tradition in that form (and then get collected again…)

the ship has sailed There’s no point going on trying to read Trollope, watch a movie you’ve lost interest in and many many more.

head maths for mental arithmetic

defenestration for sacking

But there are better books out there that won't make you feel like Lysoling your brain afterward. Amazon reviewer on Joan Rivers’ Still Talking

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