Wednesday 12 September 2012

Mixed Metaphors Part 7

When does it make sense to freeze ruins in amber? @urbanphoto_blog

The wall of silence that has dogged this investigation. BBC News, September 11, 2012

They don’t want to unearth medical problems.

This is a deeply retrograde step. (Back AND down.)

Celtic turned in a brilliant display to seal the SPL crown.

A bubble in wine prices sparked a rash of investment firms.

Religion is a “very fat can of worms” David Horsey in the Los Angeles Times April 2012

triggered a wave of violence

It transformed not just Britain’s criminal underworld but the face of Britain itself, its tentacles helping to unleash a tide of illegal drugs and accompanying violence. Wensley Clarkson

How to reignite growth is China’s main concern now. BBC June 7, 12 (restart)

The witches maintained a tight veil of secrecy. (A tight veil might be almost completely see-through – what you need is a thick veil, or tight security.)

Salt flats "resembled giant skating rinks of frozen milk".

A hefty pill to swallow: GlaxoSmithKline agrees $3 billion fraud payout. NS tweet July 5, 12  

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  1. I love mixed metaphors. In fact I like metaphors shaken stirred or mixed. Interesting and informative post

  2. Thanks! I aim to please. Or is that "make people laugh"?

  3. Make them stop and think, too - even better!