Tuesday 5 August 2014

Cohesive, Divisive

So divisive
More euphemistic quotes. Cohesion seems to mean "not division". Or perhaps "becoming more like the host nation".

“The Centre for Social Cohesion is a non-partisan think-tank that studies issues related to community cohesion in Britain. Headquartered in London, it was founded in 2007 by Civitas to promote new thinking that can help bring Britain's ethnic and religious communities closer together while strengthening British traditions of openness, tolerance and democracy.” (The Centre’s website)

“Immigrants who don’t integrate have a divisive influence.” (Yougov poll)

Integration is to keep our own culture while appreciating other cultures.” BBC message board (Surely that’s the complete opposite of integration? But it might be a definition of “diversity”.)

“Morality is not just about reducing harm and promoting autonomy, as liberals tend to see it. It is also about authority and binding people into cohesive communities, as conservatives stress.” (Prospect magazine, Feb 2009)

“The thrust remains on preserving family and social stability and cohesion," says Delhi-based sociologist Patricia Oberoi. "Most youngsters are still committed to maintaining their social position through marriage... studies show that as many as 80% of youngsters opine arranged marriages are best." (time.com Feb 2008)

There is no coherent or cohesive 'Englishness'” (Owen Jones, quoted in Prospect magazine, July 2012)

“These prayer rooms are becoming a menace to community cohesion, the centre of conflicts between religions. The time has come to decide whether they are, in fact, more of a danger than a benefit.” (Terry Sanderson, President of the National Secular Society, Feb 2008)

“This does not mean that high tax rates make society more cohesive.” (Prospect magazine, July 2012. The editor is on the board of The Centre for Social Cohesion.)

“Why should we Christians walk on eggshells to preserve community cohesion and accommodate everyone else when the world around us is being aggressive towards Christianity?" said the Rev Nezlin Sterling. “Other faiths are unrelentingly spreading their message and gaining ground that we unwittingly have vacated.” (The Guardian, Feb 12 09)

French President François Hollande says a top tax rate of 75% would “send a message of social cohesion”. (Feb 2012)

Mr Blair warned that public money had been too easily handed out to organisations "tightly bonded around religious, racial or ethnic identities". In future they would have to show they aimed to promote community cohesion and integration. (The Guardian, December 8 2006)

The “social cohesion” argument is a euphemism for intolerance. (andrewnorton.info)

More euphemisms here, and links to the rest.

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