Monday 25 August 2014

Overheards 6

And the gossip...
You’ve got to go through the underclothing and the gossip. You’ve got to go up there Thursday. (On the 393)

She was absolutely brutal to me – I fell in love immediately. (Nag’s Head market)

When you walk through the park, Frank – lovely smell of flowers – and marijuana. At  least you save on the heating – save on the heating!

I was doing visual merchandising: in-store money mapping, where to put stuff.

Ah, Esme – and then mum comes. Just when we’d got the fridge and that ready.

I used to 'ave vinegar sandwiches when I was young. I used to 'ave ketchup sandwiches.

Overheard in Waitrose. Very small boy & man considering a conundrum. VSB: We'll find a way. M: I like your spirit. (@IntervalThinks)

Female customer has just ACTUALLY said "Because I want to retain an intactness to my life, darling" to her small child. (@lucyfishwife)

In Cos at lunchtime (where else) overheard a male customer use the phrase "a cropped black trouser" UNIRONICALLY. End Times, etc. (@lucyfishwife)

Girl just walked by talking on her phone, "So they do just like the Russian mafia does..." Walks out of my earshot. What? Who? Mafia? (‏@Jugbo)

Overheard kid on my road saying to friend "And then he was all 'you fucking motherfuckers!' and it then was, like, unnecessarily violent..." (Anna Carey ‏@urchinette)

OH at the cafe: Oh this? I got it in Salzburg. (@ElizabethBastos)

Overheard in WHSmith (teenage girl to younger sister): "When you get to secondary school you're heavily into pens. You wouldn't understand." (‏@Sam_Metcalf )

Please take your coats, bags, children, hopes and dreams with you as you exit the train. (Sumit Paul-Choudhury ‏@sumit)

Overheard in the office: "Maybe internet kittens are our pewter mugs." (‏@sumit)

OH on London bus: "The sky looks instagrammed". (@Sathnam)

I’ve genuinely heard "No, Portia, you can’t have Kalamata olives" in our local store. (‏@Nickking)

O/H @ National Archaeology Museum in Athens today - "Why are we here? I only want to see the Acropolypse..." (@TourGuideGirl)

In York, where people come into second-hand bookshops and loudly say things like the following: (to staff) "Do you have something like wrapping paper? I've just come from Waterstones, couldn't find any Rumpole." (Owen Hatherley)

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  1. The one about the hopes and dreams on the train is strangely haunting...