Tuesday 1 January 2013

Buzz Words of 2012, Last Episode

baby hysteria (people referring to the fact that the Duchess of Cambridge is pregnant)

do so and very are as popular as ever. (Unfortunately so. Please use only for “it’s the very thing!” or “heat was in the very sod”.)

and so is modern-day (Just say "modern" and save time.)

gravitassy joins hopey-changey and Bibley

social now means social media marketing. I think.

cheeky is back

to ding means to microwave (Popty ping is colloquial Welsh for microwave.)

Well played! (Back week of Dec 17. )

Oh, my days! (Back among young people.)

epic (Some pedants want to save it for Ancient Greek or Anglo Saxon literature.)

(I think it means “to scream”, me lud.)

workfare (a ghastly Americanism polluting our language, of course)

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