Sunday 20 January 2013

Serious Limericks 2

There was a young man who said "God
Must find it exceedingly odd
To see that this tree
Continues to be
When there’s no-one about in the quad."

“Dear Sir, your astonishment’s odd
I am always about in the quad
And therefore this tree
Continues to be
Since observed by, yours faithfully, God.”
Ronald Knox

There was an old man with a beard
Who said, “I demand to be feared.
Address me as God,
And love me, you sod,”
And man did just that, which is weird.

There was a young man who said “Damn!
I suddenly realise I am
A creature that moves
In predestinate grooves.
I’m not even a bus – I’m a tram.”
(Attributed to Maurice E. Hare, 1905)

"Young man, you should stay your complaint,
For the grooves that you call a constraint
Are there to contrive
That you learn to survive:
Trams arrive, buses may or they mayn't."
(Anon replies)

But after some thought he said, "No,
It ain't necessarily so.
The argument fails –
I can lay my own rails,
And go where I wanted to go."
(Andy Giddings/LF)

There was a young man who said: "Though
It seems that I know that I know,
What I would like to see
Is the 'I' that knows 'me'
When I know that I know that I know."

Serious limericks 1

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