Wednesday 16 January 2013

Inspirational Quotes 30

What's really become prevalent over the last two decades is the idea that being highly self-confident - loving yourself, believing in yourself - is the key to success. Now the interesting thing about that belief is it's widely held, it's very deeply held, and it's also untrue. ( Jean Twenge, Jan 2013)

A 2006 study led by John Reynolds of Florida State University found that students are increasingly ambitious, but also increasingly unrealistic in their expectations, creating what he calls "ambition inflation". "Since the 1960s and 1970s, when those expectations started to grow, there's been an increase in anxiety and depression," says Jean Twenge."There's going to be a lot more people who don't reach their goals." (, Jan 2013)

The traditional relationship scenarios (and their utterly predictable trajectory). (Suzi Godson, The Times, Dec 2012)

The expected sexual trajectory… Those stages are expected to happen sequentially and… the majority of people have completed the cycle at least once by their mid to late twenties… [Those who haven't] become more and more out of sync with their peer group. (Suzi Godson, The Times, Dec 15 2012)

Go to church on Sundays; smile and be pleasant. In a society in which it is a mortal offense to be different from your neighbors your only escape is never to let them find out. (Maureen Johnson, character in the books of Robert Heinlein)

Simply because no one disagrees with you it doesn't mean you're brilliant. Maybe you're the boss. Or Paul MacCartney. (@IamThorMeToo)

Psychiatry teaches you to be self-obsesssed while at the same time condemning you for it.  It tells you to be aware of yourself while at the same time telling you to stop thinking so much. (Liza Long)

You have to know who you can relate to, who are your group. (Jo Spence, 1991, writing about class)

Look, college kids are the most predictable people in the universe. What with their Marley phase, flirtation with socialism and the Gustav Klimt poster, the only thing they are on the bleeding edge of is creative ways to get f***ed up. (

Women's advances toward equality still stall out when it comes to our [US] cultural norms about love and marriage. (

He was still single, which gave rise to speculation. (BBC programme on gardens)

For a long time, I thought not texting somebody first, trying to make somebody a tad bit jealous (to add “tension”) and acting like you were only half-interested in a guy were the fertilizers that made a relationship grow. I have since realized they are simply s***. Ineffective s***. (

If you stick your neck out, sometimes your head gets cut off. (Chris Packham)

I didn't want to be unique, I wanted to be pretty and, if I couldn't be pretty, then I would settle for ordinary. (Katie Grant, Independent, Nov 2012 wonders if she should get a nose job)

To love someone when you have sex with them is great, but not entirely necessary. There is a very separate kind of pleasure to be had from loveless, short-term sex – the joy of discovery, of novelty, of self-affirmation. (Tim Lott, The Guardian, 1 Dec 2012)

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